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    submitted by Rick and Nichole Meyers, AAA Insurance Richboro

    I came across a saying the other day that read “we are all in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat.” 

    I believe this statement to be true. Everyone’s situation is unique in some way. People make decisions based on their individual situation with the information they have. There is no guarantee the decision will be right, but with the proper information and with a goal of what needs to be accomplished, a plan can be made to mitigate the risks. Therefore, the importance of accurate information to make well-educated decisions is key to obtain the desired outcome.  

    Most people need insurance. The purpose of an insurance policy is to take on the risk a policy holder does not want to have. Just like life, circumstances vary, but having the proper information and education on what your policy may or may not cover helps mitigate the risk. This also allows for a smooth transaction when an unexpected situation arises.

    Nichole and I opened our agency to be a resource in the community and to help customers understand what they are purchasing. We like to make shopping easy, take the “sales” out of the process and help eliminate the uneasiness of prior misinformation or poor sales tactics. We educate our clients, get to know and understand their needs, and present solutions.

    Fake news is all over the place, so getting the correct information to make personal choices is a lot like getting the proper information on what you expect your policy to provide.

    Here at AAA Richboro, Nichole and I are married, business partners, and parents to three school age boys.  We are incredibly fortunate to have the ability to run our business from home. However, our day to day is drastically different. Time and stress management skills have taken on a whole new meaning. Fifty percent of our day (and paycheck) now consists of preparing, cooking and cleaning up snacks and meals; while also attempting to foster learning, manage video game time, inflate a bounce house 2-3 times per day and referee wrestle mania. I’m sure to some this sounds familiar!

    So, as we continue through this storm with you, we remain committed in learning our client’s needs, providing education, shopping policies and offering competitive prices. While our calls may have children shrieking in the background (at times), we are extremely grateful in continuing our work as a resource in the community where we also live. 

    PHOTO CAP: A view of our new coworkers hard at work!

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