Yardley Farmers’ Market

    The Yardley Farmers’ Market (YFM), located in beautiful Buttonwood Park, has been going strong since 2015.

    YFM is made possible by a group of volunteers who are passionate about good quality food, knowing where their food comes from, and sustaining those food providers.

    YFM focuses on local farms and businesses that grow and/or produce the goods that they sell.

    This local focus is important for a number of reasons.

    First, it ensures customers are getting a high quality product that is handled by the least number of people before it gets to your hands.  The produce at the market has just been picked, which ensures that each product is at its peak of ripeness, chock full of nutrients, and the taste is the best it will ever be.

    Shopping local also helps to support small businesses and the local economy.

    Lastly, patrons get face time with the people who are growing and producing their food – a huge benefit because they can tell you about their growing practices.

    You’re able to feel their passion and love for the food that they grow, produce and sell.

    The summer season runs every Saturday from May through mid-October.

    In light of COVID-19, the hours have been temporarily shortened from 9:00am to noon.

    YFM and each vendor is incredibly cognizant of the CDC guidelines for ensuring customer safety at the market, which includes wearing masks, sanitizing of hands, encouraging proper social distancing, and offering online pre-ordering in addition to market sales, when possible. 

    We are in the prime of the growing season right now, so each week you’ll see different varieties of fruits, veggies and other goodies available.

    Need recipe ideas?

    Just ask the vendors – they eat everything they sell, have tons of ideas and love to share.

    And ask the volunteers at the market – they are constantly comparing notes on the new recipes and foods they tried.

    The market easily has every item on a patron’s grocery list – meats, cheeses, eggs, produce, breads, coffee, sweet treats and even goodies for our canine friends!

    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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