A story of a great community

On March 13th I received a call form Felicia and Shawn Nichols, a husband and wife team from Action Karate North Wales, asking me what to do about Montgomery County may be shutting down business to quarantine.

My first reaction was WHAT?

Followed by that will never happen and glad its not Bucks County!

Fast forward 30 hours and we were all ordered to close, for what we thought was two weeks.

After 25 years, it was by far the scariest event in Action Karate history.

I was both impressed and humbled by the immense amount of work all of the Action Karate instructors put in for the sake of the students. They pulled together and embodied the true meaning of teamwork.

The team started with a daily virtual meeting.

And each day they were met with new challenges. I never heard the words “That won’t work” or even a complaint about the long hours.

I DID hear, “what can I do?”  “How are we going to help all of these kids whose world just ruined upside down?”  “How can we help our community?”  We had to figure out WHAT to do, HOW to do it and could our students embrace their martial arts training virtually.  

We reached out to each of our students’ e-mail, text phone Facebook what ever it took.

Second we started filming classes to put into a virtual format. We quickly realized not enough and began live virtual classes with feedback.

What happened totally blew me away. All the head instructors immediately started working and learning 12 hours a day or more (not hyperbole).

Each school has a leadership team and those leaders immediately stood up to help, it was amazing

Our students began to learn, adapt and excel online!

They started inviting friends and family from around the globe to watch and enjoy martial arts class with them.

Please don’t misunderstand this has been the toughest challenger we have ever faced and our business has taken some tough shots. But the life lessons of “we can do this we can figure it out, we will not stop our journeys of self improvement” have been amazing

So thank you Head instructors, Leadership team, Students and families for all of showing how strong we can be and what it really means to have the Action Black Belt attitude

And thank you Lower Southampton Township!

We are proud to serve the community and will be back stronger than ever with all of our new virtual students.  

You can reach an instructor at 215 355-5003 if you want to know how virtual learning works.

PHOTO CAP:  Through the Martial Arts, families cultivate a special bond and train together to achieve personal growth.

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