The difference ‘Why Not?’ makes

    Memory Care guided by positivity, purpose, and passion

    As we look back over our lives, it’s our experiences, career paths, and achievements that define who we are.

    But, just as someone’s arthritis or diabetes shouldn’t define who they are, neither should their dementia.

    Dementia may slowly erode a person’s memories and cognitive skills, but, the core of a person’s identity and passions remain.

    They remain the unique individual they’ve always been, with likes and dislikes, and unique talents and wisdom to share.

    The details of the past – and the words to express them – might be harder to recall, but the ability to be genuinely happy and purposeful in the moment are ever-present.

    Engagement is not only possible, it’s necessary to stave off further decline.

    So, when it comes to memory care in a community setting, the delivery of daily care must be as one-of-a-kind as the people receiving it.

    That’s the basic foundation of The Artis Way – the unwavering philosophy of Artis Senior Living of Yardley, who offers a refreshingly different approach to memory care.

    “When you change the way you operate from ‘we can’t do that!’ to ‘why not?’ amazing things happen!”

    Part of the Director of The Artis Way Experience’s job is to collaborate with families to learn every detail about their loved ones.

    By completing a Partnership Profile, they take the time to get to know what will make your loved one smile, and keep themselves open to possibilities for imaginative and meaningful experiences for that resident as often as possible.

    “We try not to tell our residents or their families ‘no’ – unless it’s not safe. But otherwise, we really try to give people back the lives they used to love – the aspects of them that their families thought were gone for good. We’re full of pleasant surprises here!”

    The Artis staff genuinely loves to make the seemingly impossible possible – an exceedingly unusual operating standard in the field of senior living and memory care.

    Artis Senior Living prides itself on the moments they’ve been able to create for memory care residents and their families like resident baseball games, special anniversaries, veteran honors, or a resident playing the piano for the first time in years.

    Artis is proof that you can treasure each person’s uniqueness with dignified, individualized memory care. Because a disease doesn’t define a person. Their indomitable spirit does.

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