The Montessori School – Morrisville

    With the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19, parents of new preschoolers may be particularly concerned about whether they should have their child attend school come September. 

    Their #1 question is: How can I be sure that my child will be safe? Followed by, their #2 question: Why should I enroll my child now when there might not even be a classroom open for my child to attend in September?

    The Montessori School (TMS) shares these concerns and that is why they will not be collecting tuition from new families until their child is able to be in the TMS classroom. 

    TMS also wants parents to be comfortable that as many precautions as possible have been taken to keep their child safe.

    The school is dedicated to following the guidelines of the CDC, the PA Department of Education, the PA Department of Health, and the Bucks County Health Department as they address the issues of how to operate safely for their children and staff.

    TMS recognizes that the guidance of these agencies will continue to evolve as further research, data, and resources become available.

    As a small school, TMS has the ability to adjust quickly to any new guidelines.

    As a small school, TMS has a more limited number of possible infection exposures than those that come with larger school communities.

    As a small school, the physical space the children occupy is more isolated than the shared spaces of larger schools thus limiting the possibility of infection.

    The Montessori School plans to protect its community by following these current recommendations:

    TMS will do daily monitoring of students and staff for symptoms and COVID-19 exposure.

    TMS will emphasize good hygiene practices including frequent hand washing and the use of masks by both adults and children inside the classroom.

    TMS will initiate a “Sanitation Station” for the cleaning of materials after each use, increase ventilation, use UV lights to kill bacteria and viruses, and increase the cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces.

    TMS will utilize plexiglass shields at tables and have designated work spots on the floor to ensure distance between the children.

    Most of all, The Montessori School will provide a calm, supportive, warm, and caring environment for children during these unfamiliar times. 

    The Montessori School is located at 501 W. Maple Avenue in Morrisville.

    It is an independent preschool through kindergarten.

    For more information call 215-295-1170 or visit

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