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    The Achievement & Wellness Center has always been at the forefront of a holistic approach to managing and controlling stress, anxiety and depression.

    This current virus pandemic is no exception to the significant levels of stress and anxiety being triggered in individuals of all ages.

    Few events on such a large scale have had such a large impact.

    Whether is from the never-ending news coverage or the continual focus on the most basic areas of our lives, we are continually bombarded by messages that are stress provoking and unsettling.

    There has been an increase of emotional problems and difficulty in coping with many personal issues for many people.  

    One of the most basic concepts in self-care is that while we are unable to control what goes on around us, we are able to control ourselves.  Individuals looking for a way to help cope with the stress of these times have been able to maintain control and stability using a type of biofeedback called neurofeedback.

    Because neurofeedback uses a type of biofeedback it empowers and rewards the individual for tapping into the body system that maintains emotional balance.

    By using our nervous system to restore balance it also allows us to also free our minds of the stressors that keeps us in the very unhealthy state of arousal and stress response.

    Being free of the emotional stressors, our minds are free to explore  healthier mental focus and healthier decisions.

    Actually, we can gain a great deal of control of the stressors by using a few well-established practices to maintain emotional balance.

    At Achievement & Wellness we use counseling, neurofeedback as well as autogenic training to enable individuals to gain and maintain emotional stability even with significant levels of stressors around them. Once an individual learns these methods of managing stress, they are more empowered to be less triggered by the emotionally charged information that reaches them.

    Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback whereby individuals are informed of their bodily responses.

    Once made aware, they are able to modify those responses into healthier responses by using a system of rewards with the program.

    Over time these responses are generalized into an overall healthier emotional state, empowerment and healthier choices. 

    At Achievement & Wellness we have a well-established history of incorporating counseling, neurofeedback and autogenic training to help individual maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of stressors. 

    PHOTO CAP: Dr. Maria DiDonato in her office

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