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    Palliative Care – Comfort and caring in your private home

    If you’re confused about what Palliative Care actually is – you are not alone. And in the past, the term Palliative Care has been misunderstood as an end of life medical discipline.

    It is anything but that. Palliative Care is about living and learning! 

    Palliative Care first emerged as a medical discipline in the 1970s as a disease specific program for the treatment of terminal illness.

    It has evolved to address pain management and other problems, physical, psychosocial, and spiritual for any serious, chronic medical condition.

    But that isn’t the whole story.

    While all Palliative Care programs have similar goals, to ease suffering, a few stand out as unique in their ability to provide a higher level of care at home and tailored to the patient’s and family’s particular needs.

    Palliative Care through the program at Chandler Hall is a multi-faceted approach to managing serious, chronic medical conditions.

    We create a partnership between the patient, family and our Chandler Hall Palliative Care team.

    Our goal is to help patients and family members navigate the sometimes confusing and complex paths in managing a serious, chronic medical condition.

    Our commitment to you and your family is to provide sound medical guidance and offer practical support for helping patients find ways to live their best lives at home surrounded by family and loved ones. 

    The burden of managing serious medical conditions alone can feel overwhelming.

    That is why our team of medical professionals and social workers are prepared to offer sound guidance to help while you remain in your own home.

    • Assist in creating a care plan to help manage medical needs;
    • Act as a liaison between the Primary Care Physician and the family should that be desired;
    • Communicate and educate about the patient’s condition;
    • Provide caregiver support and respite care;
    • Help organize documentation of goals and wishes. Such as: 1) Advance Medical Directives; 2) Living Wills; 3) Personal Documentation.
    • Coordinate Transitions of Care and/or Communicate with Community Partners.

    Chandler Hall’s unique, patient approach to Palliative Care sets the industry standard for compassionate and total patient care. 

    Our goal is to help you “Live Your Best Life.”

    Contact our Palliative Care Team Leader, Maureen Salvucci at 267-291-2270 or go to to complete an inquiry form.

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