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    It is a beautiful sunny June day as I sit to write this month’s article.  Things are starting to look up.

    The weather is getting nicer, southeastern Pennsylvania has been moved to the yellow zone, allowing more stores and services to open, and people are out and about, enjoying a more “normal” life.

    In my dental office we have been seeing patients for several days.  While it feels like anything but “normal,” it is wonderful being back in the office delivering dental care.

    The doctors and team are outfitted in full protective gear, new protocols are in place, and the patients are well cared for.

    We are absolutely confident that we can keep everyone in our office safe from the COVID-19 virus.

    There are some glitches, of course.

    In the three days that we have been open we see that everything takes longer and requires extra staffing.

    We need to keep the thermostat lower to account for the personal protective layers that our doctors and team are wearing, which means our business office and patients need to don sweaters and/or blankets.  And the wearing of masks by everyone in the office (including patients) make it impossible to make that “smile connection.”

    Just a couple of days ago the PA Department of Health announced that we are permitted to begin to see routine dental hygiene appointments, with the proper protective equipment and gear.

    This is very positive news as I have had great concern about the detrimental effects of our patients missing their cleanings and check-ups for so long.

    While it is easy to focus on the difficulties of running a dental business in the COVID-19 world, our team tries to focus on the positive.    Delivering high quality dental care to our wonderful patients gives us so much satisfaction.

    Greeting patients who we have known for years brings us pleasure. And we love to meet new patients and get to know them.

    These are the things that make it worth it.

    We are smiling under our masks!

    PHOTO CAP: A new look for the BCDD team!

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