Brady’s Botanicals – Morrisville

    “One family has dubbed our Brady’s Calming Packs as their Mental Health First Aid Kit.”

    The last few months have had a serious impact on stress levels and increased triggers of anxiety in adults, adolescents, and dogs. 

    Owners of Brady’s Botanicals, Roger and Sharon say, “Seeing these major events repetitively combined with other uncertainties have made our clients feel fearful, helpless, depressed, angry, and anxious.” 

    Sharon adds, “A lot of the things we feel when we watch these riots along with the things we’ve all experienced over the last few months can stick with a person and leave them feeling restless long periods of time.”

    Our clients state that our products help them cope with stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, migraines, and much more. 

    Your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) really needs the whole plant along with ALL of its constituents to simultaneously work on a kaleidoscope of ailments as well as the lasting effects of what some psychologists call these events “human-induced trauma.” 

    CBD alone isn’t enough.    

    Roger says, “We receive a great number of calls per day asking how to help with stress-induced anxiety. These calls are distressing because people are not only asking how these products can help themselves, they are asking on behalf of their kids and pets.”

    A word about anxiety in dogs – dogs absorb our emotions and they can develop anxiety. 

    You won’t find CBD treats in Brady’s Botanicals product line and there’s good reason. “CBD treats are not a reliable treatment for dogs because of the efficacy, dosage, and ingredients. Not to mention, treats are not tested post-production and most times CBD is cooked out of the treat. 

    CBD treats, at best, are just that…a treat.” 

    “You can help prevent the triggers of anxiety from arising by beginning a regimen with one of our whole plant full spectrum tinctures and this tip: when you resume your regular schedule it would be best to give your dog a brisk walk or a game of fetch before you leave.”

    We believe by implementing a simple approach like this will help your dog achieve emotional stability.”

    You don’t need a medical marijuana card to purchase our products. Whether it’s you or your pet, we are accessible! 

    Call, text, visit the store, visit us at our live events.

    “The important thing is that you shouldn’t hesitate to speak to us. Our products help and we are here to help so stop by!”

    PHOTO CAP: Sharon and Roger at Brady’s Botanicals

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