Northampton Township reopening

As of June 5th, when the region entered the Yellow phase of Governor Wolf’s Reopening Plan, reopening updates are as follows for Northampton Township departments.

*Administration Building:

The Northampton Township Administration will remain closed to the public until further notice. All functions of Township operation continue remote telecommuting.

If you have questions or need assistance, call 215-357-6800 or email


Northampton Township Police Department is fully staffed, fully operational, and ready to serve the residents of Northampton Township 24/7. Northampton Police provides professional police services and protection through leadership and partnering with our community. We rely on members of the community to report suspicious activity and crime so that we can take police action when needed. You can help us by simply calling 911 for emergencies or calling (215) 357- 8700 for non-emergencies or just to provide us information. Northampton officers are here to help.

*Building & Codes Department:

The Building & Codes Office is open and staffed on a limited basis, but the building is not open to the public. Permits are being accepted, reviews completed, and inspections scheduled. Given the unique aspects of each project, it is recommended that you call the office at 215-355-3883 to discuss your project and to make arrangements for the submission of any materials.

*Public Works Department:

The Public Works Department is fully staffed, fully operational, and ready to serve the residents of Northampton Township. Call 215-357-6800 to report an issue.

*Northampton Township Library: 

The Library is accepting returns! Please Note: The Library will remain closed to public visitors until further notice. Returned Materials will not be immediately discharged and will remain in quarantine for at least three days. No fines will be charged.

*Northampton Senior Center: 

The Northampton Township Senior Center will remain closed until Monday, August 17th, and will reopen at that time ONLY if Bucks County is in the Green Phase.

*Parks & Recreation Department:

Parks are now open in the Yellow Phase with restrictions and in accordance with CDC requirements. While the Parks, Playgrounds, and other park amenities are open for use, no more than 25 people are permitted in a group.  It is strongly suggested to continue precautions such as social distancing, wearing masks and practicing heightened personal hygiene.

Park Restrooms are open. Recommendation is that only one person or one family uses the facility at one time.  

Playgrounds are open however will not be sanitized.

Tennis/Pickleball courts are open.  Singles play is recommended.

Basketball courts are open for half court play only.

Hockey Rink is open. No games permitted and no more than 25 people in the area including those waiting in the players boxes and spectators.

All athletic fields are open for individual use.  League and team use require authorization from their league. Only one team allowed on a field at one time. No practice games or organized games are permitted. No more than 25 people including children, coaches and spectators allowed.

Picnic Pavilions are open. Groups are limited to less than or equal to 25. Permits are not being issued.

If you are choose to use Township Parks, please abide by the following in order to help slow the spread of Covid19.

Playgrounds, door handles, benches, bleachers, fencing etc. are high contact areas and are not being sanitized. Water fountains will remain off. 

It is recommended park users come prepared with personal refillable water bottles and hand sanitizer.

The Recreation Center will open for camp program on Monday, July 6th.

No other programs will take place in the facility during the summer months while camp is in session to allow for disinfection.

Programming may begin in September dependent upon the status of the virus and phasing in guidelines.    

*Swim Club

The Swim Club will open for summer camp and limited membership on Monday, July 6th.

Swim team has been cancelled.

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