Heritage Pharmacy – New Hope

Heritage Pharmacy has been part of the community since 1998.

Initially when the pandemic hit, there was some degree of panic. We ran out of toilet paper, acetaminophen (Tylenol), hand sanitizer, alcohol, thermometers , paper towels etc. But now most items are coming back in stock (except thermometers).

Many of my customers stocked up on meds expecting drug shortages (which have not occurred except for hydroxychloroquine, which is also back in stock) .

Heritage Pharmacy was considered essential and remained open throughout the pandemic.

We are currently open for walk in business.

We are doing shopping for customers who do not feel comfortable coming into the store, billing the items to the customer’s credit card and taking the item to their car, they call us when they arrive at our store.

We require anyone entering the store to wear a mask. We are encouraging curbside pickup but our doors are open.

Customers must stand 6 feet away from the counter until called forward and only one customer at a time is allowed at the register.

We wipe down most surfaces about 6 to 8 times a day with Lysol wipes, such as door knobs, phones, cash register, credit card machine, pens, anything that my staff or customers might touch on a regular basis. 

We will be installing a plexiglass barrier at the front counter as well as a hand sanitizer station when you enter the store.

The insurance co’s are not requiring customer signatures at the moment so we have been able to do “touchless” delivery by signing for them.

We are being as sensitive to individual customers’ needs as we can. Some are extremely cautious about the situation (some require us to put the meds in the trunk of their cars) while others are more relaxed about things.

We are passionate to do what we need in order to make our customers feel as safe as possible.

Our hours have changed to 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday. Saturdays are still 9:00am to 3:00pm. We expect these hours may remain permanent.

You can reach Heritage Pharmacy at 215-321-7670 as well as at our website

PHOTO CAP: The team at Heritage Pharmacy

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