Harmony begins at home

submitted by Diane Marrazzo, Marrazzo’s NORTH RIVER

The Crews of Marrazzo’s NORTH RIVER and A. Marrazzo & Family are feeling more grateful than ever to be able, willing and permitted to continue working during a such a fragile yet tumultuous time of social and economic crisis.

We continue to be vigilantly careful in our performance of services, and deeply committed to serving our clients and the community in a readily fashion. 

There has been no better time (that we can remember) than the present, to bring awareness to how the spring weather has graciously bestowed lush beauty upon the prized Bucks County!

Our sturdy deciduous trees are now fully leafed out, preparing to set shade from a hot summer sun.

The vibrant blooms bring great joy and peace of mind with the guarantee that winter is finally behind us.   Our lawns grow greener every day, and ground crews across the communities are in full swing taking care of that all that needs to be maintained.

Imagine if we, the landscaper and lawn crews, were not permitted to work? What that amount of overgrowth would look and feel like on a daily basis?

Almost as scary as an invisible, tiny little virus that has many folks gripping the steering wheel for dear life!  

As the weather improves, you may be getting outside more!

Perhaps you are making plans for that new patio, or simply yearning for more privacy?

The Crews of NORTH RIVER want to help you make the most of your surroundings, helping you creatively find more joy and peace through the strength of evergreen trees and colorful blooming shrubs and perennials.

If privacy is high on the list, we have the perfect suggestions for you! 

Landscaping is a great investment for your mental health!

Anthony, Diane and Anthony Jr. meet with clients daily, maintaining a conservative six-foot distance.  Though many of our clients and crews are finding comfort again at a three-foot reach while conversing.  As standard practice, our crewmen limit contact with the client.

The next phase of “relaxing,” we will be progressively easing up on the face masking.

Our work is rigorous; the masks detrimentally impact our oxygen levels. We cannot breathe.

Breathing is essential to living, just as is working to provide for our families.

We are committed to common sense in this season of vulnerability. The perspective of the home front has shifted.

We are looking to our home’s property to support a need to find joyful solace, safely and playfully escape from the fear, violence and degradation of society.

We will build up our piece of earth unique to our needs, desires and budget…and we will live in harmony again, beginning at home.

PHOTO CAP: Another fine landscape by MNR Crews!

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