A good ride, but oh, the destination

submitted by Steve Castle

 I bought my first car at 16, a 1965 Ford Mustang. Best looking car on the street, but a terrible ride.

I then bought a 1949 Dodge Pickup project which never got completed. The closest I came to a good ride was a friends fathers car, a red 1980 Cadillac Eldorado.

My friend and I would cruise up the super highway, breeze blowing, hair flowing, and a smile from ear to ear.

Over the years, I purchased many cars and trucks, but could never find the smooth ride of the Cadillac.

Float like a boat, large, and everyone would notice.

As I aged gracefully, I was finally able to buy whatever vehicle I wanted.

A few years ago though, I had a change of heart. You see, one day I will get that ride of a lifetime. 

I will probably be in the back, laying down. I won’t be gazing out the windows as I wished, looking at pretty flowers. 

Some of you may notice as I go past and say a prayer. Some will say “good riddance,” and others may not notice at all.

I realized that the smooth ride I was yearning for might be comfortable, but the destination was not the one I had intended. 

I needed to find a new “ride” or lookout in what I was trying to appease.

As you travel through life, are you seeking the “good ride,” without realizing the final destination? 

Have you thought about a lonely neighbor who is hungry? Have you looked at the trash in your neighborhood and decided to pick it up?

Have you purchased a meal or coffee in the car behind you at the drive-thru? Have you visited a sick person in the hospital, who is looking for hope? 

Have you spent time on your knees praying for our country, your pastor or clergy, or first-responder? 

Please consider a life with purpose, one that provides a meaningful reason to live, share, pray and hope. 

Good Friday led to despair, but Easter provided hope to humanity. 

Ask me, and I will show you how to have a purpose driven life.

PHOTO CAP: Steve Castle

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