The creativity continues at AOY Art Center

AOY Art Center wants to encourage and support your creativity during this period of quarantine and is making a variety of free art resources available to the community! 

Most notably, in recognition of the healing power of the arts in all its forms, AOY Art Center encourages the community to share its art creations on a new Facebook page: The Art of Our Times. 

It is open for artists of all ages! 

The “Art of Our Times”page is for the community to post the art they are creating during this period. “Art has always been a reflection of our lives and emotions and this will give the community a space to express those feelings,” said Bette Sovinee, Coordinator. “We look forward to seeing your art,” she continued, “and sharing a conversation about Life Today.” 

Some artwork may be selected to appear in the Art of Our Times galleryat Images (jpeg) can also be e-mailed to coordinator@theaoyartcenter.orgfor posting and should include a brief description of medium. 

Included on the Art of Our Timesyou will find a list of Online Resources for Artists and for those who appreciate the arts. 

Like most organizations, AOY has moved much content online to continue to provide support for artists and our community. 

For parents seeking new arts projects for their children, AOY has creative art activities on its KIDS PAGE (which can be found at 

Kristen McMahon Roba, their summer camp director, has been sharing some fun activities that are easily done at home. 

Some include video storytelling to accompany the activity. 

Watch for weekly updates. 

For more and to register, call 215-493-1205 or