Yardley Dental Care – Yardley

    Finally we are on track to getting things back to normal! 

    We are starting to see some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel that we have been sheltering in place from for the last few weeks. 

    One of the many aspects of our lives that have been interrupted, aside from our work and socialization, is our access to healthcare. 

    Dental health, with maintenance in particular, is a key aspect of our overall health and wellness. 

    Many people have told me that getting back to our dental office for cleanings is something that they are looking forward to.  

    In addition to having clean and healthy teeth, the office you choose for your care and what they are doing to promote a safe space for you to meet your dental goals is equally important.

    Many dental offices have had their doors shut since the middle of March.

    Our office, Yardley Dental Care, has remained open to our patients for emergencies thru this pandemic. 

    We were able to do that by following the strict guidelines from our major regulatory and advisory bodies including the Center for Disease Control, The Department of Health, The American Dental Association and The Pennsylvania Dental Association. 

    Sanitation and disinfection of our office on a regular daily schedule has enabled us to continue to treat our patients in a safe environment. 

    Our staff is among the best trained and each has years of experience in their field.  Even before COVID-19, they attended regular courses on maintaining a clean and secure environment for patients using hospital cleaning agents and techniques. 

    We also recently implemented the ‘Extra Oral Air Scrubbing Technology’ which uses a high quality filter, UV light and focused suction to remove aerosols and provide a cleaner, safer dental experience.

    By implementing current updates to our patient interactions, we remain streamlined in our ability to deliver treatment for patients and staff alike.  

    We remain steadfast in our mission to maintain the highest level of dental care available with the most up-to-date technology in a safe and secure setting. 

    Our staff have added hours and availability to maintain convenient service to our community and neighbors. 

    See what kind of difference getting back to routine with Yardley Dental Care can make in your life!

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