The Montessori School – Morrisville

    The Montessori School is dedicated to hands-on learning with specially designed materials. It was quite a leap to go to a distance-learning format with children in Preschool through Kindergarten. However, with the cooperation and help of their parents, everyone has been pleasantly surprised at how well the children have adapted.

    Why do distance-learning with young children?

    Young children do best with structure, stability, a feeling of normalcy, and a sense of purpose. As Head of School and Teacher/Guide Mary Ann Jackson shared, “We wanted to give our children the opportunity to see friends and not feel isolated.  We felt this was the best way to minimize the impact of this challenging time.  We are their daily connection to the outside world.”

    Young children love to learn.

    Young children usually find a way to satisfy that inner drive to learn. They hardly missed a beat when The Montessori School transitioned to a combination of Online/At Home Learning at the beginning of April.  

    Each morning they arrive at their half-hour Zoom Class Time waiting to show off their latest creation, to show their Follow-Up Activities, to learn about something new or play a game, and to see what they can do when Zoom Class Time ends.

    Which do you like better?

    The Montessori School has been so successful at making this learning transition that when the children were asked which class they preferred: the classroom in school or Zoom Class Time?  There were many children who preferred their Zoom Class Time.

    What do the children miss?

    The children miss their friends and playing outside on the playground.  Zoom Class Time gives them the opportunity to see their friends and teachers.  They enjoy sharing stories about what they are doing at home.

    How does the Zoom Class Time work?

    The children have been divided into three groups by age.  Each age group has their own half-hour session.  The activities are adjusted to the needs and abilities of each group.

    What is their favorite activity?

    Each week we ask the children to build something related to the Learning Theme for the week.  The children have built houses, Easter baskets, butterflies, Planet Earths, frogs and more. They may use any material they would like.  We share pictures of their creations at the beginning of each Zoom Class Time.

    The Montessori School is located at 501 W. Maple Avenue in Morrisville. It is an independent preschool through kindergarten. For more information call 215-295-1170 or visit

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