Sohl Foot & Ankle – Holland

    I opened this practice in November 2018. 

    The first year was predictably slow but steady. 

    Business was really starting to pick up by the beginning of 2020, then COVID-19 hit… hard. 

    I was paying attention to the reports back in January and February. 

    My colleague in Seattle told me the store shelves were empty…it was March 1st. 

    I knew it was time to prepare because business as usual was not going to be safe anymore.  

    Since March, I adapted as quickly as possible to accommodate our new unfolding reality.

    First, I completely updated the website so people could understand how serious we were taking this pandemic. 

    These changes introduced our Telemedicine options and our in-office protocols so any visitors could get a good understanding of the changes.  I also changed the office hours of operation dramatically. 

    Now we are open Tuesday through Saturday during the mid-day (but we are flexible). 

    This might change when people go back to work, but so far most have still been home. 

    On Mondays, I take care of the home schooling for my daughters (a total silver lining).  

    To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we only allow one patient in the office at a time. 

    We spread out appointment slots to give us time to thoroughly disinfect all the areas a patient comes into. 

    Now I call every patient the morning of their appointment for a quick COVID-19 phone screening. 

    Everyone gets their temperature checked when they come to the door, and everyone must wear a face-cover when they come in.  

    Like a lot of people, I was laid off my other job in March, but this has given me the opportunity to open my office a couple more days a week to accommodate patients in our area. 

    Since my kids are distance learning too, I try to carve out time to help my wife manage their days.  

    Lastly, it’s important for you to know that I also have been practicing social distancing, mask wearing and frequent handwashing. 

    I want nothing more than to keep my family safe and healthy and to do the same for my patients.

    If you have any foot or ankle concerns don’t hesitate to call or send a message through the website. 

    I will help you triage your needs and provide the best way forward. 

    Best health to you all.

    PHOTO CAP: Andrew Sohl, DPM

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