American Chimney – Southampton

    To our valued customers regarding coronavirus, in these unprecedented times, we want to announce that we will still be open for service if you will continue to trust us with your chimney needs. 

    This decision is not based on the fear of financial loss or insensitivity, but on the fact that I employ amazing people that have families, homes, bills, and needs that require their paycheck. 

    Due to the current events surrounding coronavirus we want to assure you of the steps we are taking to continue to provide you with peace of mind. 

    Our priority is our customers’ and technicians’ safety while in your home and on your roof. Here are some of our added regulations: 

    *Our technicians regularly travel with an entire bag of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used when the situation calls for it. These recent events show that PPE is always now called for.

    *For at least the next few weeks all our technicians will wear masks, gloves, and booties for the entirety of their time in your home.

    *We will respect your personal space by not coming within six feet of any occupants in the home, and will not be shaking hands, either (air high-fives and thumbs up are always appreciated).

    *As always, we will strive for cleanliness not just in your flues, but of any part of your home we encounter. The use of clean tarps and runners will be utilized, along with shoe covers to ensure this is accomplished.

    *All our invoices and estimates are paperless and will be sent to you through e-mail.

    *All employees have been counseled on the new regulations and have been advised to remove themselves from service at any time if they feel they may be ill, if they become fearful of illness, or are simply uncomfortable with the situation.

    Our company mission statement is why we get up in the morning and why we go to the heights and lengths we do every day. 

    We understand the gravity of the situation at hand and are willing to work with you to get the job done if you are willing to work with us. 

    There is an enormous influx of requests for chimney repairs and fireplace inserts in preparation for this fall already. Now is the time to start to get prepared for the fall season and making sure your chimneys are in good working order. We implore you to schedule now or as soon as possible because we will be overwhelmed in the next few months with requests for service. 

    Visit or call 215-364-0881.

    PHOTO CAP: The American Chimney Team

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