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    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed routines, but not the mission of Doylestown Health.

    Since the opening of the first Doylestown Hospital in 1923, the focus remains on improving the quality of life in the community and advocating for the health and wellbeing of community members. 

    The outpouring of support, equipment donations, food and funding extended to us by the community throughout this pandemic validates this mission.

    Every community and every healthcare facility has been tested during this unprecedented time. 

    Doylestown Health has a national reputation for patient safety and quality care; we earn that recognition by delivering expert, compassionate care in our community every day – even during a pandemic.

    Doylestown Hospital opened the first drive-through COVID-19 testing site in Bucks County, operating continuously since March 17th. 

    We appropriately postponed discretionary cases for outpatient testing, procedures and surgeries in March and April. 

    We took the unprecedented measure of restricting visitors to the hospital. 

    We were the first hospital in the region to implement a masking policy for all staff and visitors. 

    To this day, everyone who enters the hospital or Doylestown Health’s Pine Run Health Center is screened for COVID-19, using criteria that evolve with our new understanding of the novel disease.

    Meanwhile, a troubling trend has developed. 

    Some patients with serious health problems have avoided coming to the hospital because they were fearful of COVID-19. 

    Rest assured, it is safe to come to the hospital and a danger to delay necessary care. 

    There is a much greater risk in delaying care for urgent health conditions than the very remote risk of acquiring coronavirus at the hospital. 

    Among our earliest decisions was one that will benefit us greatly today: we did not lay off staff.

    Instead, we redeployed staff to areas of greatest need throughout the health system as our first defense and a potent offense against the pandemic. 

    And they’ll be ready to return to their regular positions as the hospital resumes full services. 

    In the near future, Doylestown Health is restarting elective testing, procedures and surgeries that were delayed by the pandemic. 

    Urgent cases are proceeding. 

    The hospital will look different when you arrive as facemasking and screening are standard practices, but the same exceptional caregivers will be ready to provide the quality care you have come to expect from Doylestown Health.

    The Village Improvement Association of Doylestown – founders of Doylestown Health – organized a visiting nurse service during the Spanish Flu of 1917-18. 

    They earned the trust of the community then, and opened the hospital a few short years later.

    This is Doylestown Health’s historic moment to earn your trust. 

    PHOTO CAP: Doylestown Health’s ICU thanks you!

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