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    As I sit at my computer to write this column, it is a chilly, rainy, early May day. 

    It’s hard not to feel gloomy – the COVID-19 virus, political divisiveness, unemployment numbers and cabin fever are just a few of the reasons we feel down. This column, however, is meant to be a message of hope.

    On this day 74 years ago, my wife’s parents were married. 

    World War II had ended, and my father-in-law was back from fighting in Europe, including the Battle of the Bulge. 

    Those war years were long and arduous, both for the soldiers and the loved ones they left behind. 

    But our country triumphed. 

    Life became normal again.

    This coronavirus is a different kind of enemy which we have to out-maneuver. 

    To that end, we are working hard during this down time to outwit the enemy and prepare to safely open our dental practice. 

    We truly believe that life will be normal again.

    Until then, a patient arriving at our office will comfortably wait in the virtual waiting room – his car! 

    He will have answered screening questions prior to arrival and will have his temperature checked. 

    He will walk into the office, masked, and go straight back to the treatment room, where he will rinse with a special mouthwash for 30 seconds, 

    The doctors and team will be gloved (as always) and gowned and wearing the N95 masks. 

    When the appointment is over, the masked patient will walk directly out of the office, and the room will be deeply cleaned. 

    We’ve ordered some new equipment to further ensure safety. 

    Special vacuums above the patient chairs will pull the aerosol particles out of the rooms and new humidifiers with Hepa filters will help keep the air clean.

    Although we expect that the changes mentioned above aren’t permanent, they will allow us to be safe during this COVID-19 outbreak. 

    We are very confident that we can provide a safe environment for ourselves, our patients and our team.

    My son became a partner in my practice in January and I am thrilled to have him beside me as we navigate this unprecedented situation. 

    We both look forward to the day when we open our door to our wonderful patients. 

    Until then, stay safe and know that life will be normal again!

    PHOTO CAP: Drs. Michael A. Spadafora (left) and Michael T. Spadafora

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