American Paving Contractors, Inc. – Jenkintown


    Essential or Non-Essential in Pennsylvania? 

    That was the question.

    As a seasonal business, we last worked in late fall of 2019.

    We have no business income through the winter until spring of the following year.

    We actually thought we were going to return to work in early April, but we had a lot of rain.

    When we were finally ready to start working, we were declared “non-essential” in Pennsylvania. So we had another week without any work or income. 

    The next week in April suddenly we were essential again, and we started our season.

    The weather hasn’t been very cooperative, but we are happy to have the crew working and servicing our customers again. 

    We also have to consider that many of our potential customers are not working now, and it may be difficult for them to put paving into their household budgets.

    During this difficult time with the pandemic, we are grateful to be healthy and viable. 

    We are able easily to work at safe distances from each other and from our customers. 

    We encourage safe practices for our employees amongst each other and with our valued customers. 

    The key to all of the work we do is safety first. 

    Safety now takes on another dimension with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

    The owner’s daughter is an ER nurse in a busy hospital. 

    We are proud of her heroic work and want to thank all of the heroes that are risking their lives to keep us safe.

    Not all of our on-going methods of advertising are functional right now. We are grateful that we are able to advertise here, through Times Publishing Newspapers, so we can let our potential customers know that we are here to provide them with excellent quality asphalt work. 

    We are a small business, and every job is important to us. 

    We value our employees and our customers, and we look forward to a successful season. 

    We hope everybody reading this and their families are safe from the virus and continue to follow the guidelines to remain healthy while we get through this difficult time. 

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