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    submitted by Rick Meyers, AAA Insurance Broker/Nichole Meyers, Richboro Office,

    We at AAA Richboro, like most of our fellow neighbors, front line essential workers, small business owners, friends and family, are feeling the effects of this pandemic in a multitude of ways; concerned, sad, anxious, thankful and everything in between. 

    On March 12th we temporarily closed our doors to the public, but have continued working from home, striving to serve our members and policy holders in the same manner as we always do, with a helping hand. 

    Our desks may look a little different (dining room table) and there may be some noise in the background of our calls (three little boys!), but we know we are not alone in this “new normal.” 

    Being able to work from home with our children and doubling as home school teachers while holding down the fort of a family business has been a blessing and quite the challenge!

    While we cannot physically be with other people, we remain connected through Facebook and zoom calls with family, friends, customers and business partners. 

    We have even started a trivia game with prizes that we host on zoom. The game is family friendly and our attempt to bring some happiness and fun for anyone who wants to join (e-mail us for details!).

    Due to the uncertainty of this pandemic, we have seen a decline in business yet remain hopeful for our future and the future of our community. 

    Rick and I opened our small business as insurance brokers to make shopping insurance easy.

    Many new clients had similar stories. 

    They were paying their policies for years with a limited understanding of what their policies covered. 

    They did not have an agent or know their agent or felt shopping for insurance was a burden or held misinformation about the process. 

    This is not unusual and we are here to help. 

    Insurance should provide peace of mind when an unexpected circumstance arises. 

    Knowing you have the proper coverage and a competitive price is important. 

    By getting to know our client’s needs through conversation, we explain the different coverages in a way that is easily understood, provide options and advice, while leaving the final decision up to our client. 

    No salesy jargon and no hidden agenda of meeting quotas. 

    We provide our cell phone numbers to be available quickly when needed, whether it be a question pertaining to insurance, or just a friendly conversation, especially in these isolating times. 

    At AAA Richboro, Rick and I are here to be a reliable resource for our community and are here working from home, so please reach out we are happy to chat!

    PHOTO CAP: From left, Rick, Logan, Nichole, Max, and Caiden Meyers working from home at the dining room table.

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