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    We at MKPlus wish to express our gratitude to those working on the front lines of caring for us in this pandemic.  

    The therapists at MKPlus continue to be socially connected to their clients through a confidential, telehealth website.  Maybe you have also experienced healthcare practitioners through  telehealth visits.  Our clients and therapists have made a smooth transition from office meetings to face-to-face meetings at home.  

    Here are some thoughts we MKPlus therapists wish to share in supporting you during this challenging time.  

    *Be kind to yourself.  We have never faced a situation like this before.  It is new learning for everyone.  

    *Schedules help everyone.  They provide structure and allow parents and kids to know what is expected of them.

    *Realize that during this time everything seems to take more energy, time and motivation than it used to.

    *Identify your resources.  Reach out to teachers and school counselors when you have problems or concerns.  Coaches, ballet teachers, scout leaders, to name a few examples, are most likely eager to reconnect with your kids.

    *Your resources include family members not present in your home who know and can connect electronically with your kids, for example, by reading books or playing games with them.

    *Turn off the news. 

    *Recognize that this is an emotionally charged time.  Labeling feelings provides an opening to discuss them.  Ask you child to tell you how he or she feels about missing school.  Engage them beyond their initial response.  Offer them some words (“sad,” “miss friends [or] teachers”).  Follow by acknowledging that feeling.  Ask what they might do about the feeling.  Suggestions:  “FaceTime” with a friend, email a teacher.  

    *Remind yourself and your child of a difficult time you both have faced in the past.  Highlight the courage and strength demonstrated during that time. That courage muscle is getting stronger.

    *Remember to turn your lips up every once and awhile.  It will change your face and the way you feel.

    We are stronger together.  We will get through this together.


    The Therapists at MKPlus

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