Liberty Lake Day Camp – NJ

    Leave it to summer camp counselors to find creative solutions in the face of adversity. 

    They do it every summer outside in 100 degree weather and “liquid sunshine,” and Liberty Lake has taken the initiative of bringing “fun in the sun” online through the magic of social media and technology, teleporting their camp spirit and programming into thousands of living rooms.

    Liberty Lake Owner/Director, Andy Pritikin explains, “We feel that our role in the lives of families is to figure out how to make lemonade out of lemons, while being a resource of youth development, and helping keep focus on the important things in life – like quality time with family, and the opportunity to learn and explore together.” 

    Curated by longtime director, Brandi Carnivale-Anderson of Burlington, NJ, Andy and Brandi have put together hours of fun programming as a respite to the those stuck at home with their kids.

    Virtual Camp has been a running weekly 9:00am “Monday Morning Assemblies” with staff and campers have been recording amateur versions of their traditional “Wake-Up Song.” Andy then sets the stage for the week of optimism and motivation, both at home with the family, outdoor appreciation and a slate of participatory activities and videos during the week.

    Activities have included photo scavenger hunt, in which children are taking pictures of specific beautiful blooming flowers and posting them into an event page for judging by the camp photographers. During Easter/Passover, campers searched on the Liberty Lake website for Easter Eggs and an Afikomen Passover Matzah. Popular at this moment is an “Elder Pen-Pal” program, in which campers, staff and even parents are writing (yes, writing) letters to seniors trapped indoors at the Masonic Home in Burlington.

    Liberty Lake’s free resources and online presence can be found on their Facebook page, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and on a dedicated Liberty Lake Virtual Camp webpage which includes an online Virtual Tour of the 60-acre facility, located in Mansfield Township, NJ.

    PHOTO CAP: The Fudala family sings the “Wake Up Song” 

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