Leck’s Exterminators – Langhorne

    When selecting an exterminator, you want a reputable company with highly trained technicians that you can count on to quickly, safely and professionally eliminate unsightly pests infesting your house.

    This is precisely why Leck’s Exterminators has so many repeat customers since being established 48 years ago. 

    Leck’s Exterminators is a family owned and operated business.

    Its family members both work and live in your community, and therefore their company’s reputation reflects their family’s personal integrity.

    Paul Leck, Jr. from Langhorne founded this business in 1972, and although now semi-retired, he continues coming into the office twice a week.

    Today, Paul Jr.’s son, Paul Leck III, co-owns and manages Leck’s Exterminators.

    His brother, Rob Leck, is a service technician, as is their Uncle Ed Samanic.

    Wayne Lear, Paul’s best friend who is considered family after working at Leck’s for over 30 years, is the company’s termite and carpenter ant specialist. Paul’s wife, Bonnie Leck, is the office manager.

    “Our customers like our family-oriented environment, appreciating the personal attention we offer each of our clients,” says Bonnie. 

    Leck’s offers a variety of maintenance programs, including monthly treatments, bimonthly treatments (six treatments a year) and trimonthly (every three months, including

    spring, summer, winter and fall).

    Prices vary depending on the size of your home.

    “These maintenance programs basically cover anything that crawls into your home, like ants, roaches, spiders, beetles and even mice,” says Bonnie. “They do not include wood-destroying insects, but you will receive a discounted rate with a maintenance program.”

    Leck’s also offers a one-time service treatment consisting of a 30-day warranty depending on the program you choose.

    Leck’s owns a retail store at 102 S. Bellevue Avenue in Langhorne.

    For new customers, Leck’s offers a 10% discount off your first service.

    Free termite and carpenter ant estimates are also available.

    Call them to schedule an appointment at 215-752-0898.

    Leck’s Exterminators are making efforts to follow all procedural guidelines to protect their clients’ safety and health, wearing protective equipment for each job.

    PHOTO CAP: Paul Leck III, owner and manager of Leck’s Exterminators.

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