Julie Lachman: Naturopathic care for the whole family

by Tianna G. Hansen

When seeking treatment for ailments, you’ll want to address the cause, not just the symptom. 

Dr. Julie Lachman provides this type of natural care for the whole family at her practice, offering naturopathic and homeopathic solutions to help achieve optimal health. 

“I’m really passionate about helping people and getting to the root cause of what’s ailing them,” says Dr Lachman. “A lot of the people I see have had issues for so long and aren’t able to find answers.”

Julie Lachman, ND is a licensed Naturopathic doctor (Vermont) who received her Naturopathic medical degree from the prestigious Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

She is considered an expert in women’s health/endocrinology; headaches and migraines; and developmental and neurological issues due to the amount of study she has done and the number of people she has helped. Headaches and migraines respond really well!

“Ever since I learned about naturopathy, I couldn’t get it out of my head,” says Dr. Lachman. “I had to pursue it.”

In their office, Dr. Lachman and staff pride themselves on providing a loving, compassionate, supportive environment to help patients not only regain their health and vitality, but also to maintain their health.

They have taken care of some of the most notable personalities in our community and have people who come to them from long distances due to the unique approach they offer to restoring health.

Patients often tell them this is the best doctor’s office not only because of their caring approach but the results they get. 

“Our mission is to treat the cause of the symptoms,” says Dr. Lachman. “When you’re experiencing a headache or other symptoms, it’s indicating there is an underlying issue which needs attention.”

When visiting her practice for the first time, you’re provided with a three-part initial intake focusing on everything from nutrition to emotional and mental stressors. 

Dr. Lachman will spend time with patients to go through your complete medical history. 

Her focus is on when the symptoms started. 

“A symptom in the body means there is something else wrong. It’s our goal to discover what this is and address it while we heal the central problem.”

What you put into your body and what you are exposed to can create many complications which appear in symptoms – anything from pain to thyroid problems and headaches. 

“No treatment will be cookie-cutter. Every patient is different and whatever is causing the symptoms will require a different technique,” says Dr. Lachman.

Ensure you treat your body properly by not only removing symptoms but also finding the underlying cause.

Dr. Lachman sees men, women, and children of all ages, and is open for appointments.

Potential clients can schedule a free 15-minute consultation over the phone or online at her website below.

Call 267-406-0782 for an appointment and receive your natural care from Dr. Julie Lachman, or find more information and schedule online at

Dr. Julie Lachman is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine located at 1432 Easton Rd., Suite 3G, Warrington.

PHOTO CAP: Dr. Julie Lachman