Fascinating finds at flea markets

submitted by Tony Soprano, Market Coordinator of Phila. Flea Markets,

Flea markets are a trendy place to go whether you’re seeking antiques or abnormal finds and treasures you wouldn’t discover in a store.

You never really know what you’ll find at a flea market, which is part of the joy.

Vendors bring wares from many eras to sell at booths and offer them to the public.

Even if you don’t find anything at the flea market, you’ll often learn fun stories from vendors talking about the origin of their finds.

Whether you’re a collector on the hunt for specific items or a homeowner seeking a decorative flavor for your home, flea markets are a great place for fascinating finds.

Vintage furniture and more is making a huge comeback in home design and what better spot to discover this than at a flea market!

Collectors can often find a goldmine of items from vinyl records to books to photographs, old cameras, antiques, relics, and so much more.

A popular item right now for collectors are vintage X-Box and Atari Video games.

Coveted items often have a nostalgic theme attached to it, for example a vintage set of dinnerware from Woolworths that you grew up with.

The most interesting find I’ve ever made is a vintage sign from my uncle’s paving business many years after he retired.

Some people may wonder why you would even go to a flea market.

The answer is simple: to view all the many items from the past and present at discounted prices.

Many flea markets offer new items, as well.

Some also have separate sections for Antique and Vintage, Used and Household, Handmade and New Merchandise.

You never know what you might discover at a flea market, with numerous vendors bringing finds from both the past and present to one location, at prices you won’t find elsewhere.

PHOTO CAP: Flea market finds