Tucker Chiropractic & Wellness Center: Don’t mask the pain, adjust the root cause

    by Tianna G. Hansen

    Chiropractic treatments can offer relief from all sorts of ailments including headaches, bad sleep, stress, poor posture, colds, low energy, and bad coordination.

    The most important thing for someone experiencing pain, be it back pain, joint aches or other neuromuscular disorders, is to get to the root cause of that pain instead of masking it.

    This is the ultimate goal and mission of Tucker Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

    Chiropractors here do a lot more than just lie you down on a table and start treating you.

    “We do a thorough initial exam and place emphasis on evaluating what areas aren’t properly functioning,” explains Dr. David Tucker, DC, and founder of this practice. “So many patients come to us with a clear understanding of their symptoms, but have no idea of their diagnosis.

    “There could be a million things causing their pain, so we don’t just treat the symptoms; we diagnose the underlying cause.”

    From that diagnosis, the team at Tucker Chiropractic will provide you with an appropriate treatment plan focusing on natural cures and fixes instead of simply medicating and masking their pain.

    Since moving this practice to a larger facility in Langhorne, Dr. Tucker has taken on a Patient Case Management role, in addition to his chiropractic role.

    Each patient who visits the Center begins with a consultation, exam and appropriate diagnostic tests, such as digital X-rays, so you can view vertebral misalignment.

    Based on the patient’s case history and test results, Dr. Tucker develops a customized treatment plan to address each person’s individual physical, chemical and emotional stress.

    Tucker Chiropractic has three goals when treating patients.

    The first goal is to relieve the pain within a short period of time.

    Since Dr. Tucker explains that, “there is a difference between not being sick and being well,” his practice’s second goal is to treat the underlying problem with corrective care to help them reach an optimal plateau.

    This includes daily activities such as bending, lifting, walking, running and more.

    Their improvements are measured with post outcome testing. 

    The third goal is maintenance care to prevent flare-ups.

    The patient chooses which phases of care they want to treat.

    According to Dr. Tucker, patients who receive this maintenance are more likely to ensure their underlying issue will not get worse.​

    Tucker Chiropractic uses traditional manual adjustments alongside other up-to-date treatment options.

    They have rehab rooms with a variety of physiotherapy modalities, such as traction devices and electric muscle stimulation. These treatments help ease pain levels, open joint space, reduce inflammation and spasm.

    Also available are top-of-the-line nutritional supplements and liver detoxification, great for vitamin intake, reducing toxins and weight loss.

    Therapists on staff provide deep tissue therapeutic massages to decrease muscle spasms and scar tissue.

    “We work hard to get positive results,” says Dr. Tucker. “The vast majority of patients who we treat will get better.”

    There is another new offering at Tucker Chiropractic: decompression back braces which are offered after the Center was certified with Medicare in order to provide patients with durable medical equipment.

    They have supportive back braces for someone who needs help standing upright or is more physical, with lifting and bending.  Then there is an inflatable back brace that decompresses the lumbar spine to relieve pressure on pinched nerves from herniated and bugling discs.

    “I am a strong proponent of anything I can implement to the practice that is natural and safe.”

    Overall, their focus remains on the patient and removing their pain, but also on communicating to them what the root cause is, how they can go about having it resolved, and making sure all patients understand what is wrong with their body.

    “Everything in your body is controlled by your brain and the brain has to send signals through your spine,” says Dr. Tucker. “If those signals are altered, something will become diseased. Our one job as Chiropractors is to find where the abnormal nerve signal is or where abnormal joint function is occurring, and remove that interference. If we do that, the body starts healing itself.”

    Tucker Chiropractic offers a free consultation for new patients and participates in most insurance companies.

    They will also host a free trigger point workshop on Tuesday, March 10th at 7:00pm.

    These workshops are ongoing every month. Attendees will learn how to apply these techniques at home.

    According to Dr. Tucker, the trigger point technique is great for achy joins and muscles.

    Plan on bringing a partner or two, as this application is interactive.

    To register for your free consultation or reserve space for this upcoming workshop, call 215-750-8006.

    Tucker Chiropractic is now located at 402 Middletown Boulevard, Suite 210 (behind the United Artists Movie Theater, located across from Sears, at Oxford Valley Mall).

    For more information including directions to the Center, visit

    PHOTO CAP: Don’t mask pain; adjust the root cause at Tucker Chiropractic & Wellness Center!