New Hope Chamber of Commerce: Neighbors helping neighbors

For 2020, the New Hope Chamber of Commerce has a mission to bring their local businesses together as a community.

New Hope is a largely growing town with many large, wonderful things happening in the new year.

Terry Meehan, President of the Chamber, will be taking an individual and personal approach, meeting with New Hope residents and small business owners to hear their visions for the New Hope community.

“The people who live here have just as much of a voice as the businesses.”

Another primary focus is on small businesses through New Hope.

“We really want to work with our small businesses and help them thrive. Our goal is to help them be successful and have neighbors helping neighbors,” says Terry. “I want to let people know, we have spaces available in New Hope and we want businesses to make it a home.”

Within the next couple years, New Hope is going to become even larger.

Terry’s motivation is how do we as a Chamber help bring the community together and support each other?

New Hope is a place that sparks passion in its residents, visitors, and business owners.

Terry will be taking information she gathers from her individual meetings back to the Board and determine how everyone can come together to help each other.

“I want to get a better understanding of what everyone’s hopes and dreams are for New Hope. How can the Chamber help you?”

The Chamber also asks for the support of the community this year.

“We want everybody to join the Chamber so we can have one voice and represent everyone in New Hope. We want to do events, bring business to town, and move forward into this new year.”

Larger projects in town will bring a lot of business and what remains the primary effort of the Chamber is bringing the community together, and allowing everyone to have more presence.

They have many exciting events this year.

For the first time, they will be hosting a ‘Burger Cook Off’, where restaurants come together in one place and have a burger competition.

Their annual New Hope Arts & Crafts Festival this September has a new event director, Kelleen Gebler who is going to bring the festival to the next level with new ideas.

They will also be hosting their renowned ‘Taste of New Hope’ in May, where businesses in New Hope showcase food alongside music. This event is a fundraiser for the New Hope Free Library.

The New Hope Chamber has five Networking Events planned. They want businesses to come together and everyone can talk about their businesses, to learn about the community as a whole and join together in harmony.

They also offer some exciting volunteer opportunities for members of the community to give back.

Don’t miss out this year! Join the Chamber and check out all the exciting things they have to offer this growing community at

PHOTO CAP: New Hope Chamber Board member Gregg Zollo with Chamber President Terry Meehan.