Spotlight: The Lewis School

    The Lewis School is a private, non-profit, nonsectarian, independent educational resource for students with dyslexia and closely related language-based learning differences.

    The Lewis School was founded in 1973 by Marsha Gaynor Lewis, who continues to serve as director.

    Located at the historic Libbey mansion in Princeton Borough, New Jersey, we are within walking distance of Princeton University, the town’s exceptional libraries, McCarter Theatre, and a rich diversity of experience offered by one of the great college communities in the country. 

    Since its inception, The Lewis School has benefitted by developing working relationships with many community resources that have become a part of the extended Lewis School experience.

    In past years, students enjoyed competitive STEM programs at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL) and at the Engineering Quad on Princeton University’s campus.

    Lewis students of all ages are directly mentored by our gifted teachers; we have a variety of after-school programs both athletically and scholastically both on and off our campus.

    The student body is primarily comprised of students from New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania; however, we do enroll students from across the country and even abroad.

    Lewis educates Lower, Middle, and Upper School students, and offers college preparatory, post-graduate, and gap-year study.

    College preparatory seniors are provided important exposure to university culture long before they leave to attend college.

    In addition, an abundance of creative and innovative resources are tapped, such as nationally recognized resident authors, experts and lecturers in economics, mathematics, documentary film, art, biography, and global print and television media. 

    Individuals who struggle to succeed in a traditional classrooms thrive in appropriate individualized multisensory learning environments; they are creative, intuitive, and excellent three-dimensional thinkers.

    Current research shows that dyslexia is a product of a differently organized brain.

    Students who flourish best at The Lewis School experience difficulties with language and/or processing ability, despite having average or well-above average intelligence.

    The Lewis educational community, while recognized as experts in the remediation of dyslexia, ADHD, and closely related language-based processing weaknesses, is a competitive college preparatory school.

    Our teachers and specialists help redirect students with primary behavioral or emotional issues to resources that are better matched to their long-term needs.

    As an internationally renowned educational resource for nearly 50 years, The Lewis School has recognized and repaired academic weaknesses while helping students find their true potential as scholars, professionals, artists, and as human beings.

    Perhaps this year will be the beginning of your child’s success story.