Spotlight: Family Service

Family Service Association of Bucks County is one of the largest nonprofit social service organizations in Bucks County.

Since 1953, Family Service has been helping individuals, children and families improve their lives, doing whatever it takes to help them overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

Last year, Family Service helped nearly 30,000 people in need.

Family Service’s mission is to listen, care and help.

Every day.

The organization offers a variety of programs to help people overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Service areas include mental health and wellness, substance use and recovery, family strengthening, suicide prevention, homeless services, HIV/AIDS services, socialization opportunities, and support for older adults.

Mental health and wellness services include counseling, blended case management, nursing, psychiatry, dialectical behavior therapy, school-based counseling, a drop-in center for teens, and specialized groups.

Substance use and recovery programs include care coordination for people with opioid use disorders, intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment, a DUI program, and tobacco awareness.

Family strengthening includes in-home parent education and support, family activity nights, group sessions for parents in recovery, early childhood services, weekly parent support group meetings, reunification services, and co-parenting classes.

Suicide prevention efforts include operating the Contact Helpline (215.355.6000) and answering National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1.800.273.TALK) calls 24/7/365.

Family Service operates the Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter in Levittown. This shelter is a temporary residence for individuals and families who have lost safe and stable housing.

Family Service also answers Bucks County Housing Link (1.800.810.4434) calls from those experiencing a housing crisis.

HIV/AIDS services include medical case management, prevention, linkage to medical care, housing, and support services to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Coffee House provides organized activities, group discussions, and casual conversations to help people with disabilities gain social comfort and make connections with others.

Older adult services include case management, information, and referrals for older adults living throughout Bucks County.

Family Service works with people where they live and work – in their homes, in their communities and in its offices.

The organization has offices in Langhorne, Quakertown and Bristol; however, many of its programs operate across the county.

Family Service’s goal is to create a stronger Bucks County where each community member is an engaged, contributing citizen.

Visit or call 215-757-6916 to get help, volunteer, donate or learn more about Family Service.