Furlong dad writes a book for fathers and daughters everywhere

Philip Mann, of Furlong, has published a children’s picture book entitled “I Will Always Protect You,” focusing on the importance and responsibility of a father’s relationship with his daughter.

A 2001 graduate of Central Mountain High School in Clinton County, PA), he earned a degree in Mathematics at Lycoming College, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2005, while also holding the position of starting quarterback on the college football team for three seasons.

He went on to earn a spot in the Athletic Hall of Fame for both Central Mountain High School and Lycoming College.

After college, Phil became a math teacher in the Council Rock School District.

For many years, his passion was teaching and coaching.

But that passion shifted with the birth of his first daughter, finding that his new priority was being the best father possible.

So he traded in his coaching whistle to spend his free time with his two girls, which included reading, one of his girls’ favorite activities.

Over the last five years reading children’s book after children’s book, he noticed there weren’t many books that focused on the importance of the father/daughter connection.

He wanted to read a book to his girls that expressed a father’s love and commitment to his daughter.

Since Phil couldn’t find the perfect book, he wrote one!

At first, he used his phone to compose the words, but there weren’t any pictures or a physical book to hold, only words on a phone that he would recite to his daughters.

His four-year-old loved it, always asking for daddy to read “his book” to her before bed.

Before long, his oldest daughter had memorized the phrases and was mouthing them as Phil read the words to her.

When Phil realized how much she adored hearing these words spoken to her by her dad, he knew he needed to share this book with other dads. Almost a year later, and after many trials and tribulations, he has published “I Will Always Protect You.”

Phil has done a tremendous amount of research on the father/daughter relationship over the past five years, and that research is clearly embedded in this book.

He is completely aware of how his role affects his girls, and his ultimate goal is to help other dads to understand this, too.

“I Will Always Protect You” and the resulting “I Will Always…” series will help to educate and connect fathers (including step-dads, father figures, or dads who don’t live in the same home) to their little girls for a lifetime.

From birth to adulthood and every step along the way, this book outlines a dad’s responsibilities in the life of his daughter, and it also gives her the comfort and confidence of knowing exactly what to expect from her dad as she grows.

By using rhymes, real-life situations, and illustrations, “I Will Always Protect You” is intended to capture the hearts of young girls and fathers everywhere and can be read in every household raising a young daughter.

The book is available now for purchase on and

PHOTO CAP: Phil Mann reads his book to his daughters