Fraternal Order of Eagles #2489

Promoting well-being in the community

Hello readers, I’m writing to you as a secretary of the Fraternal Order of Eagles #2489. We recently relocated to Morrisville at 1. E. Philadelphia Avenue.

We currently have 200 members guys and gals. All the men have muscles galore and all the women are beauties for sure.

Did I get your attention?

That’s actually an embellishment; we’re really just a bunch of normal folks who sit around telling stupid jokes. I’m sorry I can’t help myself.

In all seriousness, the true nature of our club is to promote the well being of our community.

Such as fundraisers for the police, the fire company, and hopefully this spring the baseball and softball kids. But we need your help.

Come check us out, you may like what you see. Come have a meal and some drinks with some friends, you may wish that the party never ends.

Friday is BIG AZZ steak night. One and a half inch thick rib eye with baked potato and a veggie – $20. You won’t be disappointed.

For the less hungry, we have Chicken Caesar Salad ($10) or a rib eye cheese steak on a 12” fresh roll that will easily feed two, or you can pig it down yourself big guy ($12).

And of course our regular menu is available at all times.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, on Sunday we have any breakfast you want, $7. Best home fries in town.

Have a Bloody Mary or a cup of Joe when you’re done, you’ll be happy from your head to your toes.

I really need to get professional help.

We have pool tournaments on weekends with two pool tables available.

We are starting a dart league, we have a jukebox that will play anything from Allman Brothers to ZZ Top.

I like Sinatra and Elvis myself. To each his own.

Another valuable thought is that the club is owned by the members, which means as a member you get to have a say. We have meetings twice a month, which all members are invited to attend.

Not every knucklehead gets to be a member; we try to insure that you’re in good hands and protected from mayhem.

The point I’m trying to make is your participation can help the community and you can have some fun on the side.

Oh no, no, no there’s men here with a straight jacket, I’ve got to go, go, go.

F.O.E. #2489 secretary signing out.