CASA: Change a child’s story

Advocating for a foster child is giving a voice to one of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children of Mercer & Burlington Counties is a non-profit organization that recruits, trains and supports community volunteers to advocate for foster children in the court.

CASA’s dedicated volunteers work to ensure the emotional, physical and educational wellbeing of children while they reside in foster homes. They are instrumental in helping ensure the child has the services and support they need until a permanent home is found and make sure these children don’t face the foster care system alone.    

Bucks County residents Regina Lordan and Trish Farrell both volunteer with CASA just over the bridge, in Mercer County, NJ.

They were inspired to become advocates because they wanted to support vulnerable children in an overburdened foster care system. “These children deserve to have an informed, compassionate and consistent voice when theirs is left silent- in court, in the classroom, or in their homes” says Regina. Both Regina and Trish chose the CASA program in Mercer County for its geographic location – being the closest CASA program to their homes in Yardley.

On average, a CASA volunteer will spend 15 hours per month on his or her case.

They find the time to fulfill their duties knowing their work will have a lasting, positive impact on the life of a child.

“While I work full time outside the home, my job does give me the flexibility needed to leave the office for CASA duties, such as court hearings.” states Trish. “Many CASA activities fall outside regular working hours.”

As a result of Trish’s advocacy, her case resulted in adoption, ending the foster care cycle for that child.

The CASA volunteer will make sure the child is safe and has the quickest possible road to a permanent home.

Having one caring, consistent adult to listen and put a child’s best interests before all others’ can make all the difference. “Being a CASA is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles I have had the honor to hold,” says Regina, who juggles her role as a CASA amid her work and family responsibilities.

You need no special background to become a CASA, we provide all the training!

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PHOTO CAPS: 1. Trish Farrell

2. Regina Lordan