Unique type of memory care coming to Yardley

When a loved one shows signs of dementia, one of the biggest challenges for their family is finding a safe place for them to live that cares for their medical, physical and emotional needs.

Artis Senior Living of Yardley – opening in 2020 – features an intimate, secure and easy-to-navigate “neighborhood” environment.

From the moment a resident arrives, they are attentively cared for as the unique individual they are.

Personal preferences are honored, and their independence, dignity and quality of life are preserved.

The name ARTIS is also an acronym for its philosophy:

*Ability to Have a Voice – Artis residents and their families are valued members of the community. Everyone’s opinion matters so open discussions between residents, family, staff and managers are encouraged.

*Respecting and Maintaining Relationships – Artis recognizes the value of relationships and helps residents stay connected with their family and friends.

*Treasuring Each Person’s Uniqueness – Artis caters to each resident’s unique needs and desires, and honors their one-of-a-kind spirit.

*Integrity – Artis sets high standards for its organization, from the ways they honor their residents and team members to the priority they place on nurturing the highest quality partnerships.

*Success and Recognition – Artis believes it’s important to honor and showcase high-caliber individuals, and does so through various awards and programs.

Exceptionally Personalized Care.

At every Artis Senior Living community, you’ll find a Director of Partnership Development and a Director of Health and Wellness. Together, they collaborate with residents and their families to gain an in-depth understanding about each resident.

They begin the discovery process with a comprehensive eight-page partnership profile – which the Artis team uses to create a unique care plan – as well as imaginative and meaningful experiences for that resident as often as possible.

The Artis staff genuinely enjoys making the seemingly impossible possible – an exceedingly unusual operating standard in the field of senior living and memory care.

Residents are given choices in all decisions – ranging from what activity they want to do to what they want to eat.

Artis Senior Living team members know that people with dementia have the ability to be genuinely happy and purposeful in the moment.

Social and emotional engagement is not only possible, it’s necessary to stave off further decline.

Caregivers are paired with residents, and get to know them so well they often recognize subtle behavioral or physical changes before they become a problem.

Brand-New Construction Built on Years of Experience.

Although new to the Yardley area, Artis Senior Living draws upon 60 years of experience in the field of senior living care, with expertise in the specialized design, development and operation of safe, secure and engaging memory care communities.

Artis Senior Living of Yardley features 72 private bedroom-plus-bathroom suites within four distinct, easy-to-identify neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own dining area, accessible kitchen and family room. All four neighborhoods are connected at the center of each easily walkable community, where group activities, additional social areas and bathrooms can be found.

Because people with dementia are prone to episodes of anxiety, and experience overstimulation in large, open areas, cozy Artis Senior Living communities are naturally calming by design. Smaller, intimate neighborhoods promote independence and a sense of pride because residents can get from place to place on their own.

Artis Senior Living has 17 custom-built communities located in 11 states, including communities nearby in Huntingdon Valley, PA and Princeton, NJ.

In anticipation of its grand opening in 2020, Artis Senior Living of Yardley is happy to answer questions and serve as a Memory Care resource.

They are also accepting reservations.

For more information, visit or call 877-463-0346.

Follow the progress of Artis Senior Living of Yardley: 765 Stony Hill Road, Yardley, PA.

PHOTO CAP: The Artis Way of exceptionally personalized and respectful Memory Care is coming to Yardley in 2020