Tailor-Made Film & Video Transfers of Feasterville offers state-of-the-art digital media preservation services including free MP4 files

by Maryanna S. Phinn

Pete and Donna Wolk and the crew at Tailor-Made Film & Video Transfers have heard and seen it all.

They’ve listened to audio letters from soldiers serving in Vietnam sent home during the 1960s, watched videos of families on the Wildwood beach in the 1970s, looked at pictures of Feasterville kids opening gifts under the Christmas tree in the 1980s and helped salvage severely damaged videotapes after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Since 1985, the co-owners and husband and wife team of Tailor-Made Film & Video Transfers have viewed and listened to countless hours of film footage, videos, home movies, photographs, audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes and slides. Their goal for each project is to preserve, enhance and transfer every customer’s special moments in life to a digital and shareable format that will last for future generations.

As part of the process, the Wolks and their staff, a dedicated and experienced team of technicians and post-production specialists, not only convert and preserve film, video, audio and photos, but also edit static and dead space, make color and contrast corrections, adjust audio, add subtitles and background music or make other customized requests.

As an added value and unique aspect to this process, customers also receive free MP4 files with the finished digital transfer to DVD.

“We’re known in our industry for staying ahead of technology, constantly progressing and doing our homework to produce the highest caliber product for our customers,” says Pete, who started the business from home in the early 1980s.

An MP4 file is a compressed digital multimedia format that stores audio, video, still images, text and subtitles at the highest quality.

MP4 allows users to access movies, videos, photos and audio content that can be streamed and shared over the Internet without losing quality.

It provides accessibility on televisions and across multiple portable devices such as smart phones, tablets, DVD and media players, personal computers and laptops.

“The MP4 files are given to customers on a flash drive or thumb drive which can then be easily accessed or shared on Google Drive, for example,” says Pete. “We provide this to our customers at no extra cost.”

Donna adds, “Many people come to us after they’ve been disappointed with work they got back from big box stores or other vendors that are poor or lesser quality. With our technology, we always get the best out of the film. We are always on the cutting edge to keep pace with rapidly advancing digital technology.”

In addition to these core services, Tailor-Made provides advanced digital conversion options for people interested in doing their own editing.

The company also works on many professional-level, archival grade digital transfers to conserve footage, photos and audio collections from high schools, colleges, sports teams, universities, libraries, government entities, businesses and corporations, as well as foreign conversions. “We regularly transfer and preserve audio, video and photos for local sports teams, like Neshaminy High School or for hospitals like Children’s Hospital or universities like Penn, Temple and Harvard, to name a few,” says Pete. “Our quality level is so top notch we could do work for the Library of Congress, we are that advanced.”

Tailor-Made has worked on many private collections of local and A-list celebrities, national and international athletes, American presidents and politicians and famous pop icons. “Everyone gets the highest level, personalized service here. Our staff cares greatly about each person’s requests. We anticipate what they need. We have experts when they call and our technicians are helpful and try to make things easy for each customer.”

Tailor-Made Film & Video Transfers is located at 205 E. Pennsylvania Boulevard in Feasterville.

For more information, call 215-322-8444 or toll free, 1-888-322-3228 to speak directly with Tailor-Made’s staff or visit

PHOTO CAP: Pete and Donna Wolk, owners of Tailor-Made Film & Video Transfers