Practical ways to improve your vein health

    submitted by the Center for Advanced Vein Therapy,

    Have you ever felt that your legs were sore and when you looked down you found that they were swollen, and your foot was cold and throbbing?

    Do you often have these feelings after sitting for extended periods of time?

    You then wonder what happened to cause your pain and discomfort as you really hadn’t done anything to cause any injury.

    Well, there really is an answer to your dilemma.

    These are all visible signs that your circulation and vein health are not in tip top shape.

    Although it’s relatively easy to find exercises to help build muscle, lose weight or reduce stress, working to improve your vein health is different although there are several simple strategies that you can employ that can have major positive results.

    We have long known that sitting too long, especially for those with desk jobs, can lead to health problems.

    The easiest solution is to become more active.

    Try standing at your desk for short periods or get up and walk around the office during breaks.

    Movement will increase circulation thereby getting blood flowing more freely through your veins.

    Walking 30 minutes/day, five days/week will do wonders for your circulation.

    For those more athletically inclined, try using a min-trampoline.

    Called rebounding, this reduces blood spooling in veins and promotes circulation.

    NASA and the American Council on Exercise both endorse using a min-trampoline for up to 20 minutes works as well as running.

    Adjusting your diet to include foods that optimize blood flow may also be beneficial.

    These include: Horse Chestnut Extract, Available as a nutritional supplement; Cayenne Pepper; Pomegranate; Onions; Cinnamon; Garlic; Fatty Fish; Beets; Turmeric; Leafy Greens; Citrus Fruits; Walnuts; Tomatoes; and Berries.