Getting your home ready for winter

submitted by Scott Miller, Service Manager, C and C Family Roofing and Siding

In case the colorful leaves haven’t clued you in, winter is approaching. The temperature has dropped and now is the time to consider winterizing your home.

Here are five things about your house to check so that the cold weather doesn’t join you in the home.

Windows and doors: The easiest way for the cold air to infiltrate your home is through things that open and close. Caulking the windows and doors frames to your exterior cover will cut down on drafts as well as possible water penetration. Another thing to check is the weather stripping of your entry doors.  Most doors come with a magnetic or foam strip and connects to the door. If either is defective, cold air will get in.

Roofing: Your roof is the primary weather deterrent for snow and rain. Making sure that all the roofing is in place and performing properly will dramatically reduce the likelihood of snow and rain damaging the interior of your home.

Insulation: Attic insulation can help you keep heating costs down while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate during the winter season. It will also prevent heat from the living space to come in contact with the cold air in the attic thus causing condensation and possibly mold.

Gutters: Clean gutters help to direct rain and melting snow water off the roof and to the ground. If your gutters are improperly aligned or clogged, water will eventually spill over and potentially cause damage or flooding. If not addressed, snow and ice could cause gutters to come loose and damage lower portions of the house.

Take time to have these issues addressed before the winter gets the best of you.