Firearms safety seminar held in Middletown

by Joan Hellyer

Captain Pete Feeney of the Middletown Township Police Department has been around guns pretty much all of his life – not only as a law officer, but also as a hunter.

Feeney understands the importance of using the weapons properly and wants to make sure area residents do too .

The captain hosts periodic firearm safety seminars on behalf of the department to share his knowledge with current and prospective gun owners.

During a recent seminar at the Middletown Township building, Feeney talked with a couple dozen area residents about laws governing firearms, their owners and the weapons’ proper usage.

He explained in detail why it is important for a person to have their hands properly placed on a gun.

“Your finger should not be on the trigger when it shouldn’t be,” Feeney said. Holding the weapon improperly could easily result in an “negligent discharge” and cause harm or even death.

The father of two also encouraged attendees to teach their children about firearm safety.

“Let them see the guns and put their hands on them,” he said. “Let them get their curiosity out. If its not a novelty to them they will not try to grab it and play with it.”

Donna Iannacone was among the area residents who sat in on the November 6th seminar and said she found it very informative.

She wants to be prepared before she gets a gun permit.

“I want to know the ins and outs of it,” the Middletown resident said. “I am looking to feel as comfortable as possible.”

Gun owner Brian Luff said its been awhile since he brushed up on firearm safety so he and his wife Lisa attended the seminar for a refresher course.

“I felt it was very good information (that Feeney provided),” Brian said. “It is all about protecting yourself and others.”

Feeney said he plans to schedule another firearm safety seminar in early 2020.

Information about the event will be posted on the police department’s Facebook page, he said.