Dr. John Brick inducted to Vidocq Society

Renown and highly acclaimed forensic examiner, Dr. John Brick, was inducted into the Vidocq Society on October 17th.

Vidocq Society members are forensic experts and investigators including profilers, criminologists, medical examiners, active and retired law enforcement agents, prosecutors and district attorneys who meet monthly in Philadelphia to solve cold case homicides.

As an independent Forensic Examiner in crimes and accidents involving alcohol and other drugs, Dr. Brick, a resident of New Hope, brings a unique interdisciplinary (toxicology, psychology and neuroscience) skill set to the meetings.

He works regularly with myriad state and county prosecutors and agents and has been involved in many high profile cases.

He has also provided training to law enforcement agencies on medico-legal issues ranging from probable cause, investigation and interview techniques to the collection and interpretation of toxicology evidence. “It is a great honor to be an active contributor within the Vidocq Society and to exchange ideas with some of the best and most experienced homicide detectives and investigators in the region,” says Dr. Brick, who has authored over 100 scientific publications.

His latest textbook, Forensic Alcohol Test Evidence (C. C. Thomas Publishing), is part of the Union League Library (Philadelphia), where the Vidocq Society convenes their monthly meetings.

Dr. Brick, a resident of Bucks County for over 30 years, maintains an office in Yardley and volunteers his time to the New Hope Eagle Fire Company, the Delaware Valley Fire Museum and is on the Board of Directors of Police Surgeons of the NY Fraternal Order of Police.

The Society, which is not open to the general public, was formed in 1990 and has since been assisting law enforcement agencies to solve long-standing, unsolved murder investigations (cold cases).

Lead cold case file investigators from all over the country are invited to present their evidence at a Vidocq meeting where its members answer questions and offer avenues of inquiry to provide a fresh perspective in these unsolved murder investigations.

PHOTO CAP: Dr. John Brick