Bucks County physician launches groundbreaking Alzheimer’s program

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, almost 15% of living Americans will develop some form of dementia in their lifetime.

While most major diseases have seen a decrease in death rates, Alzheimer’s disease has increased by 139% between 2000-2016.

Additionally, there has been no medical solution for Alzheimer’s, until now.

A 2014 study published by Dr. Dale Bredesen, Professor of Neurology, University of California, Los Angeles, concluded that Alzheimer’s dementia can be prevented and even reversed.

Local physician, Dr. Charles Whitney, who is certified in Dr. Bredesen’s methodology, recently launched his Memory Treatment Center in Washington Crossing, PA. 

“As a physician whose practice is centered on prevention and longevity, I found it disheartening to discuss Alzheimer’s disease with a patient and their family. The only thing I could tell them was to ‘get your affairs in order’.  I was ecstatic to learn of Dr. Bredesen’s program.  It is scientifically sound, and when delivered properly, we can prevent, halt, and even reverse this devastating disease,” says Whitney.

Dr. Whitney, founder of Revolutionary Health Services, who has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years, has always taken a deeper approach with his patients.

“My approach to patient care has always been to get to the root of various ‘engines of disease’ that may drive a person towards cancer, heart attacks, strokes and dementia. This includes looking at nutrient support, sleep, intestinal health, and even mouth bacteria. While most doctors only schedule around 15 minutes for a physical, I will take as much time as is needed, sometimes up to an hour.”

“With Alzheimer’s disease, there is no single cause,” says Whitney. “It is a culmination of genetics, nutrient and hormone deficiencies, toxicity exposure, oral health, gut health, pre-diabetes, and many others. Never underestimate the significance of brain fog or other subtle cognitive changes,” warns Whitney. “Change likely reflects something that can be reversed if the root causes are found. The problem is that we do not know who is going to contract Alzheimer’s disease, and how quickly it will occur. Early intervention is critical to increase the chance of reversal.”

Whitney launched The Memory Treatment Center in July 2019 as a stand-alone service at his concierge practice.

The Memory Treatment Center supports patients from outside the Bucks County area and also patients who want to remain with their primary care physician. 

Dr. Whitney chose to develop one of the more comprehensive versions of Dr. Bredesen’s methodology because he feels, “once a person is on the path to dementia, a full court press is needed.”

The Memory Treatment Center offers three programs each of which include a comprehensive assessment testing for root causes of dementia.

The most comprehensive of the three, Memory Recovery Program includes the assessment testing plus a year of physician reviews health coaching, nutritionist supports and educational sessions for patients and their families.

Dr. Whitney is currently accepting new patients for the program. 

The Memory Treatment Center was launched in 2019 by Dr. Charles Whitney to specifically serve patients facing cognitive decline.

Dr. Whitney is double board certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine.

His contributions have earned him four-time recognition as “Top Doc” in the Philadelphia Magazine and has been selected as Best of Bucks each year since 2013.

He was twice selected “Top Doc” in concierge medicine by Concierge Medicine Today, the only Pennsylvania physician to receive this honor.

Visit for more information about The Memory Treatment Center and Revolutionary Health Services.

PHOTO CAP: Dr. Charles Whitney