Code Ninjas in Yardley: Teaching kids how to program video games at an early age

by Tianna G. Hansen

Computer coding classes for kids aged 7-14 are now available in Yardley!

This highly sought after learning opportunity is being offered by Code Ninjas, a franchise that just opened its doors in Lower Makefield Township.

Owners Eric Renfors and George Schott have been friends since they attended Pennwood Middle School and grew up together in the area, which makes the location of this special coding program all the more meaningful to them.

As an educator who worked as a teacher and principal for almost 30 years in New Jersey schools, Eric spent lots of time paying attention to what kids love.

“It’s not hard to realize they love video games,” says Eric. “If you stand in a crowd of kids and ask who enjoys video games, 99% of them will raise their hands.”

At Code Ninjas, kids aged 7-14 have the opportunity to learn how to write code by building their own video games.

Kids love that, parents love the concept of more productive screen time.

Like learning a second language, kids who start early have a leg up. While there are many places that expose kids to coding, Code Ninjas offers a comprehensive curriculum that doesn’t just expose them, it teaches them.

The main program offered is a Code Ninjas Create, a drop-in program where kids come for two hours per week, go through the curriculum, and work up through belts the way one would in a martial arts dojo.

Parents like that the program is flexible, allowing them to bring ninjas in when it’s convenient for them.

Beginners code in a language called Scratch, which uses drag and drop coding.

As soon as they are able, kids will start coding in Java Script.

After Java Script, Ninjas program in Lua, and learn to make games for Roblox, which they can upload for others to play.

By the time they become a Black Belt in the program, kids are able to create games worthy of offering in the app store.

Coming very soon is the Code Ninjas Junior program, which will serve kindergarten and first grade students who want to get a leg up in the coding and computer science world.

Computer scientists are in high demand, and jobs in the field pay well. Code Ninjas hopes to help young people acquire the skills to fill those jobs.

If you’d like to learn more about Code Ninjas you can find the Yardley location at or call them at 267-819-CODE (2633).

You can also like them on Facebook for updates and information.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the dojo at 678 Stony Hill Road in the Lower Makefield Shopping Center.

“Kids are ready to learn coding today,” Eric says. “We’re passionate about helping them learn and grow, and giving them the tools they need to succeed in the future.”

PHOTO CAP: Eric Renfors, co-owner of Code Ninjas