THS Flower Show winners announced

The Trevose Horticultural Society’s Annual Flower Show held last month featured 550 horticultural, artistic, junior and senior designs and educational exhibit entries entered by members and area gardeners. Pictured is Bill Woodson of Feasterville, with his Artistic Crafts entry which won him a third place ribbon.

Visitors to the Trevose Horticultural Society’s annual flower show “Birds of a Feather” were greeted by 550 horticultural, artistic, junior and senior designs and educational exhibit entries entered by members and area gardeners.

Staged at St. Ephrem Church in Bensalem, several members and local gardeners earned multiple ribbons in the Horticultural Division.

Ruth Aumann (Feasterville) was top winner in the Horticultural Division receiving both the National Garden Club (NGC) Horticultural Excellence and Grower’s Choice Awards for combination planter.

Ruth also merited the Society’s Joseph Caravan Award for her ‘Free as a Bird’ themed Botanical Arts Dish Garden entry, and the Society’s Stella Matzak Award for her exceptional ‘Garden-Scaping’ themed combination planter.

Lynn Kay (Bensalem) won the NGC Arboreal Award for her superior named cut specimen of ‘Pinky Winky’ hydrangea and an Award of Merit for a cut specimen of flowering Impatient.

THS President Karen Woodson, of Feasterville, with her “Millinery Nest” which earned an Honorable Mention.

Grower’s Choice Awards were given to Heidi Helmich (Levittown) for her excellent specimen of cactus and Ruth Kurtz (Warminster) for her potted orchid.

Kurtz also received the Award of Merit for her outstanding cut stem of coleus.

Awards of Merit were given to Rae Glasgow (Bensalem) for her distinctive cut basil, Lynn Whalen (Langhorne) for her exceptional collection of dahlias and Richard Haney for his flawless long hot Italian peppers.

Show Chairperson, Karen Wychock (Warrington), earned the Arnold Young Award for most blue ribbons in the Container Grown Section and Christine Dopp (Mountaintop) garnered THS Sweepstakes Award for the most blue ribbons in Horticulture. 

Visitors enjoyed, as well as personally critiqued, 28 artistic arrangements reflecting the show theme.

Karen Wychock received both the NGC Award of Design Excellence and the Designer’s Choice Award for her unique interpretation of ‘Migration.’

Karen also earned the Society’s Sweepstakes Design trophy for most blue ribbons in the Artistic Design Division.

A colorful tray design ‘Eat Like a Bird’ entered by Aurea Almazan (Philadelphia) won the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania (GCFP) Award of Special Recognition and the Society’s Dorothy Hoffman Novice Award.

Rae Glasgow, of Bensalem, with her basil which earned her an Award of Merit.

In a Botanical Arts class entitled ‘Home Tweet Home’, Ruth Aumann won the Society’s Rachel Schwarz Award for her artistic bird house decorated with dried natural plant material.

Several informative displays focused on broadening the public’s environmental awareness.

An educational exhibit, “John James Audubon: American Ornithologist, Naturalist and Painter,” coordinated by Karen Wychock, was awarded the NGC Educational Award.

Audubon is known for his extensive studies documenting all types of American birds as well as his detailed illustrations that depict birds in their natural habitats.  

Blanche Gottel received the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania Educational and Conservation Silver Award for her exhibit “Birds of a Feather – Life is Better With Families.”

Her display featured plant families classified by genus, family and major groups, and showcased three plant families that are common in most households and offices that are easy to grow and maintain. 

An informative exhibit “Native Plants and Birds” coordinated by Stacy Carr Poole, Executive Director of the Bucks County Audubon Society at Honey Hollow, received the Society’s Award of Appreciation.

Her display highlighted how to provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife as well as plants that are vital to a healthy ecosystem and planet. 

The Staging Theme Chairperson, Karen Wychock, along with the Society’s membership, merited the GCFP Staging Award for the show’s overall appearance.