Red House, formerly Lena’s Deli, serves up quality food in Yardley

    by Christine Wolkin

    Lena’s Deli in the heart of Yardley has now officially made the rebranding transition to Red House.

    The eatery will continue to deliver high quality sandwiches but the new co-owner says with a new, full-fledged twist.

    Tim Wheeler and Abby Rusk attended culinary school together at the prestigious Culinary Institute of New York in Hyde Park, N.Y.

    They quickly became friends and continued to both work in New York City after graduating in 2001.

    “With our combined culinary background we have a lot more to offer than just deli fare so we are getting away from that big deli feel,” says Tim, who has partnered with Abby, owner of Lena’s Deli.

    Tim says that Lena’s original menu, which Abby created, has moved from the Italian style over more to the Contemporary American.

    “It’s a completely new menu, new concept and focus,” he says.

    With the new menu, Abby and Tim plan to be much more involved in making their food themselves, from the meat to the bread.  

    The biggest change to the menu is that they have brought in a 10-foot smoker and are now smoking and cooking all of their own meats.

    “We are doing our own pastramis, our own briskets, our own barbecue. All of this stuff has been incorporated into our menu in not just a normal fashion, says Tim.

    In addition, a large portion of their menu will offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options.

    Abby, who is originally from Washington Crossing, has worked for renowned chef Mario Batali at Babbo, and opened Del Posto in New York with him. 

    She worked for Dan Barber at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, as well as for Rachel Ray at the Food Network.

    Tim, who moved down to Yardley from Long Island 13 years ago, re-opened Fraunces Tavern, worked with Darrel Raymond at The Grand Havana Room and The POD, and David Burke at One CPS in the Plaza Hotel.

    Red House is located at 35 South Main Street in Yardley.

    They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. They also offering catering.

    For more information, call 215-493-3354 or visit their Facebook page at

    PHOTO CAP: Abby Rusk and Tim Wheeler have rebranded Lena’s Deli as Red House, in the heart of Yardley.