New musical staged

You can play a part in the birth of a new musical. 

FABLE will have its world premiere in staged reading form on October 12th (7:00pm) and 13th (2:00pm) at the Morrisville Presbyterian Church. 

By reading the script and hearing the score alone, two producers of Broadway shows (Godspell, Elizabeth I, Jersey Boys, Titanic, Urinetown, Into the Woods revival, etc.) are enthusiastic about FABLE‘s professional chances.

One of its songs, “Without Music,” won the international Fresh Baked Musicals contest in 2018.

FABLE focuses on how to handle fear and live in peace and hope.

When young man Ben makes a short trip into the frightening world beyond his idyllic, isolated forest village, he finds that his shadow has learned how to speak.

His action also causes an Old Traveler to follow him to his village.

The Traveler convinces the villagers that the only way they can preserve their perfect existence is to find the Goddess of Peace, whom he has searched for all his life. 

Ben and Neb (his shadow and the symbolic negative, fearful side of his being) return to the outside world in this quest.

Filled with laughter and zany characters, this moral tale is reminiscent of The Fantasticks, Shrek, Spamalot, and Pippin.

Its cast, Righteous Jolly, Deborah Peckman, Patrick O’Leary, Tressa McCallister, Jane Ericksen, Nic Fallacaro, Katrina Tammaro, and Phil Zipkin-Day, have all starred in leading roles throughout the Bucks and Mercer County region.

Brent Monahan, author and composer, holds a doctorate in Music from Indiana University, IN.

He was a writer for ABC-daytime television and has 16 published novels, two made into films, starring Peter Fonda and Oliver Reed, and Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland.

Post-show audience input will be invited.

PHOTO CAP: Righteous Jolly plays Ben