Change and engagement at the Library

submitted by Tracey Reed, Warminster Library Director

September is a time of ends and beginnings. It’s the end of summer, but the beginning of the school year.

It’s the end of green trees and the beginning of fall colors. It’s the end of long days and hot nights (hopefully) and the beginning of the change of seasons.

Living in Florida for a long time, I forgot how invigorating the change of seasons can be.

The heat starts in March and lasts often until after Thanksgiving. Many a winter holiday was spent on the beach.

Which makes it a great place to visit, but it was tiring for me – the heat and humidity is relentless for most of the year.

So I’m thrilled to watch the natural world change with the trips around the sun; it always reminds me that nothing is forever and change can be both good and bad.

We can affect change in our lives, and the Library can be a part of that.

I mentioned last column that we’re the best deal in town, but we’re also environmentally a good option too.

When you use Library resources, you’re reusing materials.

Items that you check out are used 50 or more times before we need to replace it.

Some items get checked out hundreds of times before they wear out.

We’re also a place you can come to get warm or cool off without running your individual HVAC unit.

An added bonus to that is that there are others here from the community doing the same thing, so you get to engage with your neighbors.

Speaking of engagement, the 2020 Census and elections are coming up. These are the most fundamental ways that you can engage with your community, your county, your commonwealth, your country.

Being counted in the Census benefits your community in many ways, including allocating federal resources to commonwealth and community programs.

To learn more about the Census, there are several Census Informational Sessions here at the Library in October and November.

We’d love to see you there. The Ready, Set, Vote! Program on September 17th will help you get ready to engage in the upcoming municipal elections.

Other adult program highlights include our Employment Series (Wednesdays, September through November), our Medicare Open Enrollment program on October 2nd, and our new UnBook Club on Saturday, October 19th, where we’ll discuss podcasts, articles, and short videos.

We also have a ton of children’s and teen’s programs.The Library is a place about and for change and engagement on all levels.

I look forward to talking with you next time you’re in.

For a complete list of library programs, visit our website,