‘Buttercup’ a hit at Pet Fair

by Joan Heller

Dave Carson stepped up in late August and answered the call to duty while escorting “Buttercup” around the parade route of the Langhorne Rotary’s Pet Fair & Family Day.

“Buttercup,” a long, bright yellow boa constrictor, was tapped to be the grand marshal for the parade, but needed some human support to be high enough in the motorcade for all to see.

Dave, who serves as the Rotary’s treasurer, volunteered to hold the snake that gently hitched a ride around his neck for the entire parade. 

“It was slithery,” Dave said afterward. “It was a great time seeing the reactions of some of the people (along the parade route.)”

An estimated 3,000 people attended the pet-friendly festivities at the Mayor’s Playground in Langhorne Borough on August 24th, organizers said. 

Besides the parade, “Buttercup” kept busy all day visiting attendees who braved a close encounter with the snake under the exotic animal tent.

“I never pet a snake before,” Addison Klauder, 12, said shortly after the creature gently wrapped around her. “I like snakes. I am not scared of snakes.”

Addison, a sixth-grader at Carl Sandberg Middle School in Middletown, loves animals, said her mother Karen Klauder, so it was natural for them to spend a good chunk of their day at the fair.

“She likes to gather interesting facts about them,” the mom said.

Attendees who came with or without their own pets had a lot to take in at the event.

Activities included a petting zoo, pony rides and inflatable bouncer rides for the kids.

Dozens of vendors were also on hand to sell a variety of wares or promote numerous animal-related causes.

Proceeds from the event will be used to help local Rotary-supported causes, said group member Kathy Horwatt.

PHOTO CAP: Dave Carson with “Buttercup” the boa constrictor