AK Preps & Bakery: Bringing meal prep a whole new healthy meaning

    by Tianna G. Hansen

    For some, prepping a healthy meal is the last thing on your mind.

    There is rarely enough time in the day to meal prep and ensure you’re eating healthy, but when you do you save time during the week and gain energy and overall health.

    “I initially started meal prepping for myself,” said Irene Johns, founder and owner of Aussie’s Kitchen (AK) Preps & Bakery. “Four years later, here we are.”

    Irene opened AK Preps & Bakery as a way to focus meal prep on overall health, moving away from only serving the fitness industry as some meal prep businesses do.

    The addition of a bakery allows her to offer baked goods that include low sugar, targeted for people living with diabetes and people who are concerned with healthy eating.

    As a single mother of two, Irene bases the products she offers on her own choices.

    All the meals taste home cooked and are geared toward ultimate health, and there are many meals that kids will enjoy.

    Aussie’s Kitchen is accessible to customers as one of the lowest priced meal prep companies.

    “I wanted people to be able to access healthy food the way they can access fast food,” says Irene. “The meal prep we offer is like fast food; you can stop in, grab a meal or grab 10 for the upcoming week.”

    A lot of the food they offer is seasonal including soups and chili in the fall and winter and frozen yogurts in the summer.

    Each meal is portioned and healthy, cooked fresh with as many natural ingredients as possible.

    “We make our own buffalo dip which is popular, and our own parfaits with homemade Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, and granola.”

    The offerings and the business itself is one of a kind.

    “Our Grab & Go is stocked every day with a wide variety of different foods to choose from.”

    They offer an assortment of wraps and salads as well as actual meals.

    “Everyone thinks healthy food is boring,” says Irene. “We’re here to change that idea.”

    Some of their most popular items are thin-crust cauliflower pizzas.

    If you have any food restrictions or allergies, Aussie’s Kitchen will accommodate your needs.

    If you’re ordering online, enter your restriction or allergy (i.e. gluten free, etc.) in the comments section, or visit the store to see what they can cook up for you.

    “The biggest reason I built this was to give back to a community that didn’t know about healthy eating,” Irene says. “I grew up overweight my whole life and then I was sparked to get healthy. I always wanted to help others, and this seems like the perfect way – to spread the love for healthy eating and taking care of your body and what goes into it.”

    You can check out their menu online at, on their Facebook, or stop in the store and grab meals or sit in and eat.

    Aussie’s Kitchen is always expanding to meet the needs of their customers.

    The storefront is open six days a week (closed on Tuesdays), from 10:00am until 8:00pm during the summer months; 11:00am until 3:00pm on Sundays, which are the days meals go out for delivery and also the main pick-up day at the store for any orders placed online.

    Local pickups can be done at the official Aussie’s Kitchen store located on 389 West Lincoln Highway, Penndel.

    AK Preps & Bakery offers delivery within a 45-mile radius from Penndel.

    Call 872-256-3257 for any questions!

    PHOTO CAP:  Irene Johns (right), owner of AK Preps & Bakery, with her two kids, Keaun (left) and Jada (center).