Acclaimed women’s chorus welcoming new members

It wasn’t long ago that the Bucks County Women’s Chorus (BCWC) was just getting its start.

Now, eight years later, the group has performed in seven foreign countries, at the White House Holiday Open House and the Empire State Building, and even with the rock band, Foreigner, when the group brought its show to the Parx Casino earlier this year.

But despite the notoriety the 90+-voice chorus has received this year, they still consider themselves an ordinary hometown choir, says their director Patricia Guth.

And though these experiences have been exciting, it’s all about coming together and lifting their voices in song, whether it’s for an audience at a local retirement home or for an international crowd in an exotic location. It’s also about the camaraderie that singing together brings to the members of BCWC.

That’s why they are always eager to welcome new members and why no audition is necessary in order to be a part of the choir.

“I just wanted to create a safe and welcoming place for women of all skill levels to sing together,” says Pat, who founded the choir in 2012. “As a result of that, we have more than 90 women ranging in age from 24-86 and each brings something different to the choir.”

Pat says some of the BCWC singers have lots of choir experience, while others had never sung in an ensemble before they joined.

She notes that she and the members of the chorus work hard to help new members get acclimated and become familiar with the dynamics of singing in an ensemble.

“It’s a warm and welcoming group,” the director adds. “I don’t allow divas; I won’t stand for that kind of behavior. Because of that, no one is made to feel they are any less skilled than the person beside them, even if they’re new to the whole experience.”

Pat adds that the women of BCWC like to call themselves “singing sisters” because they are so much more than just fellow choir members. The group enjoys social activities together all year long and some opt to participate in international performance tours every other year.

All of the activities really bring the group closer together, she says, and that closeness shows when the women sing together as one.

BCWC rehearses on Monday evenings in the auditorium of Twining Village, Holland. There is a small fee for participation, music, and uniform.

For more information and to register, visit or contact Pat Guth at 215-968-9542.