A shining star at any time of day or night: The New Hope Star Diner

If you like a large selection of food to choose from and at a good price, the New Hope Star Diner is serving up more than typical American “comfort food.”

They are cooking it up from scratch. That’s right. No canned, frozen or pre-packaged mixes.

“Everything is made from fresh wholesome ingredients,” says owner Ozcan “John” Koc who purchased the diner four years ago and transformed it. “That is the secret.”

“Our family has been in the restaurant business for over 28 years,” he continued. “My parents bought the Star Diner in Hillsborough, NJ back 1999 and our family grew-up in the business.”

“We know that it makes a big difference to make home-fries from fresh potatoes…not the frozen ones that are often used.”

It’s true – you can taste the difference.

“We start our pancakes from flour, not pre-made mixes and we make all our own soups from homemade stock,” he said proudly.

In the tradition of the great American diners around the Northeast and Midwestern states, the New Hope Star Diner has been around a long time.

Prior to John taking ownership it was the New Hope Eagle Diner.

As anyone can see in a drive-by of the place, it is the old rail-car style diner with booths and a direct service bar.

John has invested in ongoing renovations to the interior; comfy leather booths with granite table tops, a state-of-the art salad bar, and top-of-the line restrooms with granite all around.

“We are proud when people hold parties here,” says John. “We make sure every detail is taken care of.”

The menu is quite extensive. If you are a “can’t decide” kind of guest, it may take a little time to review.

Of course they serve breakfast at any time so get ready to choose from 26 different omelets and dozens of combinations of favorites.

If you’re up for lunch or dinner, you can select from 88 different sandwiches and wraps, 34 different burgers, 60 entrees (including meats, seafood, and other specialties), a kids menu, and 30 desserts.

The homemade cheesecake is very popular.

John has added a little modern touch to the diner classic fair with a salad bar (build your own – instead of ordering from the specialty salads menu).

The salad bar includes homemade soups, their famous “cheese bread” and desserts too.

Those who have dietary concerns can chose from the vegetarian’s friendly and gluten free options.

“Sitting at the bar, enjoying a cup of fresh ground coffee is enough for some of our regulars,” he continued.

“But we are also a place where local people meet. We have political gatherings here, business meetings, birthday parties – we are friendly and open to all.”

New Hope Star Diner continues to offer a casual and friendly atmosphere for all who live or visit New Hope.

“We are open till midnight on the weekends,” says John, “and offer many shifts for our employees. We are always looking for good people to join our team.”

PHOTO CAP: Owner Ozcan “John” Koc in his New Hope Star Diner